camp - chapter 4: the retrieval, in which Youngest is fine, but other things are afoot.

It's true.
Sputtering and sniffling.
I had a terrible cough while we were away. Yes. WHILE WE WERE AWAY. And a sore throat.
And my nose was runny. And I was sneezing.
So I took all kinds of things.
Allergy medicine, sinus medicine, cough medicine, medicine for coughs and colds with sneezing and sinus pain.
And I took these things while we traveled there, and back and while Youngest was sick and well and sick and well again.
On and on.
Have you clicked away?
I got antibiotics - that's all you need to know. I'm fine.
Which is more than I can say for my car...

We dragged ourselves out of bed at 5am, to leave to get my fellow - my tiny.
I hadn't driven my car in a couple of days. Mostly because of THIS

scoot 3
...because he comes home from work and I put on my helmet and we RIDE!
And then?
It rains. A. Lot.

You see, it would seem that my car, my 2005 Volvo XC90, and rain, do not mix.
We hopped in the car at five in the morning and the wipers turned on - all by themselves.

four messages

Would you like to see them?
We read them over and over while I whizzed along at nearly 80 miles an hour...

brake failure stop safely

Brake failure!
Stop safely!
(go ahead, read this aloud with different inflections for dramatic effect -

brake abs

This one goes with it - and we assume that it indicates that the ABS system has been shut down. And the kind people at Volvo would agree!


Who needs it anyway?
I ask you!

check stop lamp

They are stopping our checks? Something about a lamp?
This one took a few miles to decipher - but then we pulled over and realized that our brake lights? WERE STUCK IN THE ON POSITION. So. Yes, it appeared we were braking for, oh, three hundred miles.

engine system service

Vague - and yet, all encompassing.

Sadly, I did not get a picture of POWER SYSTEM SERVICE URGENT.
It was Titanic in it's urgency.
And I didn't get a picture of it as my camera died. Say la vee.

The 'shop,' it beckons my vehicle -
a loaner awaits me.

But you want to know about camp, and Youngest -
and so you shall see camp and hear about Youngest...

The countryside is beautiful.


(What? power system failure?)

The camp is truly spectacular.


And we spent time collecting Youngest and his things -


- and watching and being grateful.

camp view

And Youngest showed us the ramp he learned on -

ramp he went down

The BIG one.


Stop safely.

This is the stuff you fall into...

stuff you fall in to

And while Youngest merely looked ragged and tired, the camp was sprinkled with kids with injuries. The fellow on the canteen line in front of Youngest appeared to have dozens of stitches in his chin. Behind them, a kid had a splint on his arm, and downstairs there was a sad boy in a full leg splint, with ice packs.
Everyone knows that the bus leaves for the hospital at 10am and 2pm - every day.

We picked up all his medication and the nurse had clearly fallen for him.

We bought him a sweatshirt that he had tried on EVERY SINGLE DAY, snuggled him into the car...(service urgent) and left.

The last little town before the highway was awaiting a parade -


My quiet empty seeming house is set right again.

His stuffed friends were awfully happy to see him - and he, them...


Carol said…
Your blog has chronicled several issues with your Volvo - it doesn't make me want to run out and get one!!

So glad that Y is home. He is extremely lucky to have the opportunity to go to that camp - and to have such loving, supportive parents...but I'm sure he knows that.
lazy cow said…
Lovely that your family is all together again. I guess you won't have to do it till next year again hmmm? Now you can rest and recover.
Yuck about the car. Just ONE message would have freaked me out.
Suse said…
I'm so happy he's back in one piece. Remember Son #2's broken wrist a few months back?

Sandy said…
Wow that is a great-looking camp. I like that there's a bus to the hospital twice a day!
Jennifer said…
My husband has always wanted a Volvo. And how cool is it that it leaves you such little messages. Even if they aren't the nice kinds.

Glad your house is full again. :)
MsCellania said…
Oh dear on the Volvo. Looks like there's a rodent running rampant in the electrical system.

All I've got to say about the skateboard camp? With the 2-hospital-trips-a-day built into the venue? Youngest is lucky he's a Third. No Oldest would be allowed to even set a Big Toe into such a World. Possible not even a Middle.

May a say again? You and your K are wonderful parents. Your sons are 3 very lucky fellows.
Anonymous said…
Glad Youngest is home safely. I'm assuming that in a true emergency, the bus could make an additional run for the hospital?

Hope the car doctors can fix your (mechanical) baby, now that the human one is home safe and sound!
Paula said…
Youngest whole and the car broken seems like a pretty fair trade;).

Good luck on the repairs.
Badger said…
YAY that all your chicks are in the nest. I hate it when someone's missing. Even if they're out having fun.

I hope you get over your crud soon.

And dude, your car sounds like a classic POS.
puerileuwaite said…
Volvos can be "finicky". I have one. Trust me, I know.
--erica said…
sigh. all is right.
well, except for the volvo.
Amy A. said…
My oldest comes home today. It is so weird to have one missing. I hate it.

Glad all is well for you.
Anonymous said…
nice to hear your son is home and you are content! looked like a totally cool camp! about the volvo--i like the message thingy but it can scare the crap out of you (especially when you get the messages you got!) i only get "replace washer fluid" but seeing that yellow triangle in the window makes me nervous. i'd probably have a heartattack if i got the messages you got!!!!!LOL
Anonymous said…
Such a sweet post! Very happy the baby is back home... all's right with the world.

Did you ever see that episode of the Simpsons where Homer's driving and the check engine light comes on, and he says "I can fix that," and puts a piece of tape over it so they can't see it any more and says, "there, all better."
jenny said…
Huh. My toyota, while it doesn't leave me actual messages, has warning lights of the exact same ilk.

Anti skid failure - check
ABS braking problem - check
Check Engine light - check

lo and behold it has nothing to do with the brakes and everything to do with a very expensive emissions filter.

Glad to see Youngest is home, in one, unbroken piece.
Anonymous said…
1) My car has not recovered from the tides at the island - my check engine light has been on for 2 weeks

2) The Young One won't talk to me because I showed her the photos of your little guy's camp. Why, she wants to know, do I NOT know about this camp that she would kill to go to?

3) We are taking her to the ER when she gets home from the Yankee game today because we think she broke her big toe while surfboarding yesterday. The big toe that she split in half longboarding three weeks ago.

4) A twice a day ambulance run?????
islaygirl said…
the car that my sisters and i learned to drive on was an ancient saab 900. it was too old for polite little messages, but our response when it would make a funny noise (which was all the time it wasn't in the shop) was to turn up the radio.

my mom has a new volvo wagon, and it refuses to let its temperature be adjusted. you can twirl the knob, but nothing happens. ;)

glad you're back safe.
L. said…
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L. said…
So lemme det this right Irwin, if one was to ...ooooh lets say... have a compound tub/fib fracture (resident EMT experts please dont dwell on this, it sounded nasty, humor me) at 10:05, they're gonna have to wait for the "late bus" ????

What a country....