camp - chapter 3, transformed

It happened once before.
And, last night, it happened again...

line lifter

line lifter 2


transformer 6

transformer 5

transformer 2

A great, slow moving, processional to deliver another transformer to the other side of the island.
One of the policemen told me that it had taken them two hours to travel two miles -
and that I was about the 50th person to take pictures.

I'm a little lonely, and a little bored and having lunch today with my mom, my aunt and uncle and a distant cousin.

The downstairs bathroom is very shiny.

Youngest called in last night (YES, ON HIS CELL PHONE.) and was thrilled to report that visiting pros, from his favorite team (Toy Machine)visited the camp. They did a huge show and hung around with the kids and taught clinics on pumping on the ramps? which: okay - sounds good, I guess, and that they signed posters and gave out tee shirts.
He couldn't talk long though as he was going off to an ice cream party. He was 'just checking in.'
He sounded pretty good.


BabelBabe said…
*I* have no trouble with the cell. As I said. Glad he's doing well, glad your bathrooms are clean.

You know what they say, cleanliness is next to...yeah, whatever.
Wendy said…
Has your bathroom got the oxyclean shine? Sorry to hear you feel lonely but good to hear youngest is having a good time
Jennifer said…
Are you kidding. If my son was away at camp, he'd have a cell phone, a pager, a case full of flares and of course all my hopes for him to have the best time eating yucky food, sleeping in a bed that's not been made by mom.

The pictures of the trucks.. All I can think to myself is " MIGHTY MACHINES, BIG AND MIGHTY MACHINES" it's a show tune, from one of the kids shows.

Um show and tell? When is it? I'm putting mine up now okay?
Paula said…
Cell phones when kids are away? Are a good thing.

Checking in? Even better.

Enjoy lunch.
lazy cow said…
It's almost halfway now isn't it? How shiny clean can you get your house :-)
Creepily, thinking about you and your boy more than I probably should.
Anonymous said…
Excellent news! Sounds like this whole experience is going to be a really good one for him — just as you'd hoped.
--erica said…
BabelBabe said…
also, am considering sending MY kids to camp so my house could have half a chance at being clean....whaddya think?
JustRun said…
I have such an unexplainable fascination with those huge transformers. And electricity. It's all very cool... or hot, I suppose.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to hear he's having a good time and getting into the groove of things...if you want, you can come oxyclean my bathroom now. :)
Sarah Louise said…
I could not live without my cell phone. I probably would do the same thing. It's just that...

I suppose it's like the people who remember when TV didn't come on until 4 in the afternoon. Or like me remembering when TV stopped around 1 am, with the National Anthema and holding pattern.


Can you come Oxyclean my bathroom?
Sarah e.Smith said…
My goodness. that is quite the procession....that transformer is HUGE! cool photos!!!
Mrs. Darling said…
I just had to comment on these pics. I've never seen a procession like this going down the road. It's amazing!