camp - chapter 2: in which I discover oxyclean

I'm finding that, if I stay busy, I can avoid the missing of Youngest.
The worrying about Youngest.
The compulsion to go smell his pillow (I haven't done it, but I could).

Abrowncow (who I cannot link to because I CANNOT FIND HER) told me that she cleans her Bodum coffee machine with oxyclean, so I GOT SOME. AND, OH, BOY, I FREAKIN LOVE OXYCLEAN.
Yesterday I cleaned the cooktop.
With toothpicks.
It's really REALLY clean now.

Then I did the upstairs bathroom.

And I picked up my new eyeglasses - I AM an architect.
An Architectwhois Oxycleaning.

Youngest called, late in the morning, and cried a little. He hadn't slept well and, typically, he was worried that his skating skills weren't up to par, and that he might spend too much money.
(Parents deposit a sum of money in their child's "account" and the child draws from it during the week.) I reassured him on both counts and sent him off to his afternoon skate session.

We spoke again later in the day and he sounded better...
My hope for him is that he has a regular camp experience, with homesickness, and bad food, and no sleep and dirty clothes and a crush on a girl -
and that none of this is effected by his health.
I hope that it is as good as it can be and as miserable as it can be without any medical intervention.
And, in the meantime?
I'll just be

For show and tell this week, Elizabeth would like to see our sugar bowls (sugar pots, jars, whathaveyou...).


puerileuwaite said…
First! Yeah! Thanks for the Oxyclean tip. I have a large container of it, but hadn't thought of using it to clean my coffee maker. Wow, this must make you the Martha of the Blogworld, BB. Oh wait, Martha is meaner ...
Anonymous said…
This will be me, come September.
Paula said…
I still wonder if they'll ever know how much a part of us they are.

Sending hugs and Good Thoughts for you and Youngest.

Light the Virgin, it'll help.
Sarah Louise said…
Can I say it again? Cell phones at camp? It takes away the poetry from Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, I am here at Camp Granada...

Sigh. My children won't have my childhood, will they?

Yes, light candles. And I'm glad you've found Oxyclean.
BabelBabe said…
I spent NINE summers at summer camp and what I would not have given for a cell phone, just to say Hi to my mom occasionally. I am just fine with this. I am glad he called you, and glad he is feeling abit better. He will have an awesome time.

My MIL swears by Oxyclean for getting stains out of tablecloths.

If you can't suck his eyeball, you might as well sniff his pillow. *I* have taken to chewing on Terzo.
--erica said…
Oh. That first day I think is always so hard. All those doubts.

But the house is getting clean!

I'll say a prayer for his health.
MsCellania said…
Oh dear.
You've got it bad.
Compulsive Oxyclean Cleaning.

Go ahead and bury your head in his pillow. In fact, just go ahead and take a nap in his bed.

I have a Big Confession: The 2 boys of mine? They go to day camp 2 FULL days a week (well, 6 hours - that's a LONG time) I have been known to be a sneaky pj sniffer as I'm neatening up their rooms. And it makes it much more bearable - the hoping they're not being trod upon, or teased, or feeling lost - to have that good, long inhale. It's not as good as the backs of their necks sniff and smooch, but it is a fix.

I bet by day 4 he is King of His Universe.

And you'll have the cleanest, shiniest house and car in ALL of Tuvalu!
Anonymous said…
I find that anxiety is a wonderful thing for my house, because that's when I do my best cleaning. Keep up the good work, Blackbird.
Anonymous said…
I don't suppose you could come and be all anxious and worried at my house? And bring the Oxyclean?

No, I didn't think so...
Anonymous said…
there was a story in the Washington Post recently about camps that do not allow the kids to have cell phoens or email access, but the kids write old fashioned letters home which the camp scans and EMAILS to parents so they can hear from them daily & respond AND print out the 'old-timey' experinces of the Hello Muddah Hello Faddah generation. pretty clever!
blackbird said…
okayokayokay -

do you all realize that he is only going to be gone for a week?

It would be LOVELY to get letters from Youngest...but I would receive them after he was home.

As for the cell phone - yeah, it is awfully 21st century...what can I say?
abrowncow said…
you can't find me? but i'm right here! does my blogger identity not include my blog? how odd?

glad the oxyclean tip paid off, and if you're looking for real fun go out and get a scunci steamer!

( btw)
Claudie said…
Camp, cleaning - I sympathise and admire. But what rivets me is these architect glasses of yours. One day I said to myself that my look from then on would be "architect's girlfriend". And at that point I knew I was a waste of expensive education. So the glasses sound thrilling.
Caterina said…
abrowncow - Your PROFILE PAGE is unavailable. Therefore I cannot access your site by just clicking on your name. I did copy & paste from the info you gave in the comments section, so I was able to access

Oh, and to all you Mommas, I think you're just craazy. Licking eyeballs and sniffing pillows...craziness :) Just kidding!
Anonymous said…
You will have clened the house away by the time he gets home :o) lots of support from here to you he will soon be home.A little pillow sniff will do no harm. Lucy is 21 and away at the moment I go into her room for a sniff of her perfume, are we daft? NO.
Jessica said…
You're a great mother. I admire you. As much as it pains you, you still let Youngest try and experience a normal, fun-filled, angst-filled childhood. I have such great memories of camp, etc., and you are a treasure for breathing through your terror and facilitating his childhood. Good on ya, mate.
Anonymous said…
I'll be buying some oxyclean as my coffee pot is yucky!

Deep breaths about youngest. Everything will be okay.
............ah the power of smell and the pillow talk and the little boy and your missing him. Oxyclean helps speed the days onward!