camp - chapter 1: in which we deliver him

We left in the dark.
I had written his name, in Sharpie, on everything he brought with him.
I had a large plastic zip bag full of medications for the infirmary, and the nebulizer.
He had bedding and towels and a tiny trunk for valuables.

daylight resting

As the sun rose, he was sleeping.

The landscape was very Pride and Prejudice (I watched it with K the other night).
as in Pride and...

We realized that the only other vehicles with us on the last stretch of the trip were from Tuvalu.

We arrived and were greeted at skate camp - and instructed to park...

staff car

The staff and visiting pros were already there.

staff car 2


We got Youngest signed in (the fellow who signed him in broke his hip skating last weekend, oddly enough, it occurred in the "hip bowl") and he elected to add some go kart driving and paint ball shooting to his curriculum (my delight was overwhelming) and then proceeded to meet with one of the nurses in the infirmary. She and I devised a plan of treatment/action for Youngest's care. (She seems to have things well in hand - and if not well in hand, then she has 4 phone numbers with which to reach us.)

And was time to bring Youngest to his cabin.
We met his counselor (I don't think they are called that)and I liked him, we set up his bed (the second storey of a three tier bunk) and stowed his stuff.
We met one of his cabin mates (who was kind of an asshole)(and I TOLD Youngest that if anyone was an asshole to HIM that he should tell the counselor immediately)and Youngest pretty much dismissed us.

Well, Mom, I'll miss you...but I'll see you at the end of the week...
Don't lose the key to your trunk!
Don't shallow-breathe if you don't feel well!
Don't let anyone be an asshole to you!

I was very brave and strong and got in the car.
Wherein I had a little break down and then ran back to tell him to call me from time to time.
I kissed him and left again and we drove around the camp.

It really is quite something, the camp...


You know, for lounging.


For swooping and sliding and making your mother queasy.

vert ramps

For 'dropping in.'


For international competition/when it rains...
It is a stunning place - set in a valley, with incredible music blasting through it, and skateboarders everywhere. And they all look like Youngest.

We departed the camp past this sign:


and headed home -
passing this:


and doing some of this...

some of this 2

stopping for a fabulous lunch -
watching planes and helicopters fly over the highway in formation -


and trying not to miss him too much too soon.

He called last night to say that he was "sitting around, drinking a Red Bull and listening to the girls from across the camp tease him."

It sounds like it's going to be an interesting week.


BabelBabe said…
He should have a great time, it looks wonderful and sounds like the staff are competent and enthusiastic. HOWEVER - I too would be a wreck : )
Anonymous said…
yeah, a wreck, me too... sounds like a great place and I'm sure he'll have an awesome time there.
jenny said…
wow. looks like a skater's paradise. I'd be more worried about the girls and the asshole cabinmate than about the half pipe.

Five hundred thousand miles??? No wonder you left before dawn.
Anonymous said…
Breathe deeply yourself, dear blackbird. Good girl for letting him go to camp despite your worries. It looks like so much fun. kisses to you.
Suse said…
He will have a wonderful week. You try to too.

Paula said…
Even as old as mine are, I still make them call me when they get where they're going. That feeling never completely goes away, even though you have to keep letting them go.

And they think being a grown up is so cool...
Lewis said…
Can we get a high res copy on that sunflower pic. I say it here, because I'm sure a few folks might like it. If you'd like I can host it :)
Anonymous said…
That looks like skateboard heaven. If there is such a place...
Anonymous said…
I'm resigning myself to the fact that this won't change, no matter how old they get. Uff.

Anyway, he'll be fine. He'll have a great time, and he'll breathe.

Gorgeous photos, as usual. Tuvalu is such a pretty place.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to show these photos to my oldest - he'll flip out with excitement and start saving for a trip to this camp!

Oh - and the sunflower pic - AMAZING!!
celestial opus said…
"Don't let anyone be an asshole to you!" Love it! May I use this as my mantra for life?

This camp rocks. I only wish I had known about that place before working three summers in backwoods indiana camps. *Sigh*
puerileuwaite said…
Very original. But I like your other car better.
Anonymous said…
Very cool looking camp. Your kids have style!
Lynne@Oberon said…
Wow! Look at that place! I want to stay there.

I'd be a wreck as well, utterly wrecked. Just a taste of life as they grow up I suppose ...
halloweenlover said…
Wow! I feel a little queasy just looking at those skating parks. I hope times flies and he is home soon.
MsCellania said…
A week of Nirvana for Youngest. He will have the Best Time. I just know it.

But you? Won't.

I bet you wear out a set of worry beads this week.

Does it ever get any easier? Methinks not, reading your comments.
Caterina said…
Daang! Now THAT is a skate camp. They didn't make those when I was a kid. That is way too cool! And you are way too cool for letting him go there.
Anonymous said…
I know where you are coming from with the breathing, we had a nebulizer with us for many years. I also worked as a nurse on one of those holidays the children had a fantastic time and I'm sure your youngest will too. Brilliant that you let him go.
Sarah Louise said…
Okay...trying to not be intensely hurt here, but if Pittsburgh was only 166 miles away, why are you not camped on either Bab's or my porch at the moment? I mean, if the boy has to camp out...

Okay, I'm over it. Did you go to Target?

And is it so blatantly clear that I have no idea what it's like dropping your kids off at camp? All I could think of was cell phones? All I had were postcards, eons ago, when I was a camper.
Anonymous said…
I've been reading and enjoying your blog for about a month and simply wanted to thank you for the loveliness of it all, writing, shots and friends you have.
Keep it up, it's wonderful, as your family sounds...I am still trying to understand where "Tuvalu" is though...
Ciao from Italy
You make every moment sound fun and interesting and I like that! Target 30 miles away!