and I was so hoping that the email from Kristine Buchanan, subject line: irreverence, was real

sadly, it was another stock tip. How much money do these people think I have?

A couple of new (to me) blogs have caught my attention of late -
when the rest of you doody heads don't post on the weekends I HAFTA go somewhere.

First is stuff and junk who has, seriously? about 25 readers I think. I am drawn to her for dual reasons. (dual! I'm killin myself!) one, she works in television - and I need to hear more about that industry (ooooh the sarcasm! or, as Middle and I say: the chasm of SAR) and B: I think she has an older kid. People with kids my kids ages just aren't blogging, and I need to hear from them. Perhaps they have all killed themselves.

Second is this Pwaite fellow. He is a guy, right? I mean, anyone who lists Current Addictions as: MST3K, Netflix, UFO documentaries, Nazi/Hitler documentaries, Bermuda Triangle crap, The History Channel, House, Monk, Forensic Files, anything with Bill Kurtis narrating, Kennedy assassination related shows, In a Fix, American History, Napolean, Nostrodamus, French/Russian/American Revolutions, Catherine Zeta-Jones (pre chunky) - sounds like a guy, right? (now, watch, he's reading and all insulted).

Stuff has been blogging for a long time, Pwaite is new and I, for one, really appreciate what I believe is a male voice in this little circle. If indeed it IS a male voice.
Anyway - he's still developing his voice, as it were, maturing, per se.

Finally, I have checked in with a blog that I read a long time ago but forgot about for a bit...
Eliane is a Dutch illustrator living in Canada and I like her.
Perhaps you will too.


Paula said…
Hey! This doody head posts on weekends whether I have anything to say or not... I just can't help myself:P

But I do tend to troll around looking for stuff to read on the weekends.

And forget it. I don't think there's anyone my age with kids the same age as mine writing a blog. I am eternally out-of-the-loop.

You do know pw will want to sleep on your couch now:)
BabelBabe said…
hey now with the name-calling. I post on weekends whenever possible. When I'm not having a nervous breakdown or a manic episode or something...
puerileuwaite said…
BB, you absolutely KILLED me with this post! I don't know how you managed to do it, but I'm delighted, embarrassed, flattered and insulted all at the same time. And it feels good. Good, but confusing ...

You're the 2nd one who has questioned my gender since I started blogging. One of the reasons that I started my blog, was to find some things out about myself (ooh, how profound!). Once upon a time, my intended career was to be in journalism, so this is a chance to see just how mediocre I might have been, what type of audience I would attract (if any), and how I would be perceived. So the gender ambiguity is of great interest to me.

Indeed, I think a bit of mystery (something that you are very good at, BB, since I still can't figure out which island you vacationed on) in the blog world is a good thing, so no worries there. This is interesting, and something that I would like your feedback on. What is it that makes you unsure? My writing style? And if so, how? Just curious. And very, very amused.

I do have a couple of observations to share with you. One, I've quickly learned that "CREATIVE" insults are one of the highest forms of blog praise (or perhaps I've just deluded myself into this perception). Two, it seems very difficult to quickly gain acceptance into older female (mid-30's and up) blog circles. So - even though I know I may be incorrect in these assumptions - thank you on both accounts!

Maybe there IS no such thing as bad press. We shall see. Thanks for the attention. And pj is just being mean (maybe it's from yesterday's ill-tempered car ride ;-) I have plenty of other couches to sleep on!

And as for pj's couch comment, I am already there, vicariously. So let us get started, shall we? You see, BB, it all began early in my childhood .......
weirdbunny said…
Thanks for the links. but none of them turned out to be my cuppa tea.
stuff said…
Thanks. I think. I call my category: blogging for one. Who else cares about someone who writes about people who go into a field (TV) because they weren't hugged enough as children, has children 11 years apart and collects husbands? But puerileuwaite is an amazing find! FU-NEE!
Anonymous said…
What? Wait. Is he a he or not? Now I have to go back and read more. Damn.

Feelin sparky there, eh bb? Loved the chasm of SAR.

Thanks for the new blogs,
doody head
Sarah Louise said…
This doody head posts on weekends too!

and yes, pwaite is a good abrev for his/her? super long name.

That is all. I never got to looking at Elaine. I'll dutifully (ha ha) do that now.