5 things meme

I was so happy that this didn't involve a play/book list that I decided to do it.
via Sassy Lime...

5 things in my closet -

a shoe box full of shoe shining stuff
my handbags
a toilet plunger
a coat hanger fashioned into an 'incredible hooking device'
that skirt with the cars on it

5 things in my fridge -

two kinds of pickles
pork tenderloins marinatin'
Arizona Green Tea

5 things in my car -

a nebulizer
an unbuilt Ikea table
a bag of milk bottles to be returned
those mud mats
the earpiece for my cell phone

5 things in my purse -

a hair clamp
Altoid gum
my green Target wallet
the cell phone


Paula said…
Hey, not for nothin' but are we gonna do Show and Tell again?
puerileuwaite said…
BB, I find it curious that you have a plunger in your closet. Must be a Tuvalu thing.

Also, I don't mean to be a stickler, but if the mud mats are already in use, then they don't count, as they are technically part of the vehicle itself.

People should be held more accountable for their meme answers.

Other than that, I formally note and accept your submissions.
Suse said…
Pork and Moet. I'm coming for dinner!

Oh and pj, show and tell will of course be 'an incredible looking device.'
ok, maybe i'm just stupid, but what is "moet"?
Sarah Jean said…
I didn't know, either Snay, so looked it up on Wikipedia. Moet is a type of champagne!
Emily said…
hooray! thanks for playing, BB!