show and tell - hats/caps/ with more links

Oh to be inventive and creative this morning.
Not for me though.

I am presently disappointed with my hair. With both the color and the cut.
I put a rinse in it to hold off coloring it before my trip and it rinsed right out.
I have bangs (fringe) and wisps all over the place, which was what I wanted at the time, but they annoy me now. It's going to be hot where I am going. Really hot. I'll need my hair pulled back. And so I have purchased some clips for the pulling and have taken to wearing a couple of hats to cover my roots for the past couple of weeks.
This has taken enough creative energy - hence the posting of just hats.

white hat

The Maine Diner is a great place.
And they sell a darn good hat too.
Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist...

Here -
my camera in a hat

here's a great shot of my camera. And a hat.

And here -
my sewing machine in a hat

here's my sewing machine in a hat...

These hats were requested by Vickee.
And, once before, by Middle.


lazy cow said…
I wore a similar white baseball hat on my holidays. It did the job. That's all I can say about it.
I've posted my winter version.
Sarah Louise said…
I'm up. I didn't realize sewing machines wore hats. (But yours is lovely.)


and my hair is long enough that it's on my neck. Which I don't like. So I put it up. What was the point of growing my hair out if I only wear it up? Oh well. Happy Thursday.

You're going someplace hotter than Tuvalu?
Sharon said…
Morning ritual: Get up. Turn on computer. Make coffee. Sit down to read my online news both from current home and true home. Pull up "Say La Vee", like usual. SEE HAT FROM MY LOCAL (true home) RESTAURANT!!! How cool is that!

I'm going home for a very quick visit on Wednesday. Thursday morning breakfast is at the Maine Diner. Anyone care to join me?
MsCellania said…
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Caterina said…
Haha...Vickee made me giggle :)

I'm up. And it's BEFORE NOON!!!

Your Maine Diner hat made me hungry. I imagined this fantastic lil' diner with great food. Yum.
Bronwen said…
My hats are available for your perusal. I too need a haircut.
Sandy said…
I had no hat, I have no sewing machine either! But I do have a clip and I do have H-O-T here. I'm up. Have fun in the h-o-t on your vacation.
Amy A. said…
My hats are ready for your viewing pleasure. Wish they were more exciting. I may have to go hat shopping.
Cee said…
I am playing today! Mine is up and early too :).

I love caps, they fit my head the best. Your sewing machine looks very stylish in it's hat.
BabelBabe said…
i am up but you knew that.

i MISS you. That photo of you made me all nostalgic and missing and stuff.
kilowatthour said…
i only wear one kind of hat. aren't you curious to see what kind??

(well, you'll have to wait until later tonight)
Anonymous said…
^that comment sounded was it supposed to?

i'm up. go looksee so i can lock it (i have this weirdo who friended me on LJ..and he has a shoe fetish...skurry..) :)

and it's THURSDAY! that 2 weeks in a ROW i got up on time. yay me. lol.

your hats are cute :) tell your sewing machine i said hi.

wv is rytibhn...makes me think of ritalin. lol. (or riboflavin?)
mathomhouse said…
I'm up at last, a houseplant.

LAST week?? --
weirdbunny said…
Hair can be a real pain, I try to keep mine almost all one length with a couple of layers. My no.1 rule always make sure it's long enough to put a bobble in!
--erica said…
I try to wear hats but just can't. I'm entirely too self conscience. I buy them and then the kids end up wearing them.
kilowatthour said…
awesome. i love that my last comment sounded pervy. and i didn't even try!

my glamor shots are up.
Sinda said…
I'm up - and I think Wednesday's post should count, too.
Suse said…
I appreciate that you're including translations in your posts lately: flat/apartment; bangs/fringe. I'm going to pretend it's just for me and my linguistic fetish.

I posted Mr Soup in a hat made by Son #1 for your perusal.

And my sewing machine says hi to your sewing machine.

Also, the template? I can't tell any difference. What have you done? But I do know a way to get rid of that godawful blogger navigation bar at the top of the blog. Wanna know?
Jennifer said…
Okay I'm a day late... but I'm up :) Show and Tell a hat :)