two recipes

While I am terribly honored to be mentioned in Ms. Poppy's contest of contemptible foods, I think we all know that I yam a foodie.
It's true.
I knew the pork at Blackbird The Restaurant had been cryovacked. That it had been gently cooked for 40 hours. That it had been lightly infused with cumin.
I tasted the shortbread in my dessert and asked why it had not been mentioned in the description to the knowing smile of our waiter.
And I knew the missing ingredient in my dinner the next night (curry) when the staff at Avec was second string due to Mother's Day.

So this first recipe may not be in character.
But it is OLD. And from family.
My mother is known to my children as Ma: pronounced Maw.
Her grandmother was also Ma.
And that Ma, who lived part time in the rural country side, made this concoction each summer.
Though I have no idea how they ate it without really salty potato chips and I don't know if Lays or Wise or Charles Chips were around in late 1800's.

Summer Dip

Equal amounts of sour cream (not low fat) and cottage cheese (large curd please)
mixed in a large bowl with
two bunches of radishes, sliced
two bunches of scallions, sliced white ends only
two cucumbers, quartered and sliced

This (which my husband will not TOUCH) is to be eaten from bowls.
With an entire bag of potato chips per person. And, sadly, not the small batch, home brew type chips that you would assume I'd eat, but crappe chips, with ridges.
Perfect with an ice cold anything, it is eaten as an entire meal. And for ANY meal.
And it may be eaten till just after the radishes leave smudges of pink upon the white muck they lie in - as that is the final signal before the entire mess must be disposed of.
You might want a side of Lipitor with it.

The other recipe is a dessert.
A wild blueberry slump - which is easy to do and makes people smile.


4 cups of blueberries (or a combo of rasp/black/google)
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
2 Tbs. butter
3/4 cup milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
vanilla ice cream (ask K to make you some, he does a very nice french ice cream)

don't make a big deal of this recipe.
Butter a 7 - 8 cup baking dish, toss the berries (such a direction!) with 3/4 cup of the sugar and turn into the dish.
Using a fork (again with the casual!) toss together the flour, baking powder, salt and 1/4 cup of the sugar.
Heat milk and butter on low - pour over the dry ingredients and stir.
The batter will be thick.
Lay it upon the berries.
Bake at 375 until the top is golden brown (but make sure it is cooked through with a toothpick)
Let cool for 5 minutes and serve by the spoonful with some ice cream on the side.

We have a busy busy weekend ahead.
And the summah plans are all falling into place (I WILL return to Wellfleet this summer, after all, and am taking up residence at The Flying Fish).
But first -
the stage has been set for rock movement...complete with heavy duty hand cart.
Stay tuned.
Photos to follow.


Paula said…
The slump sounds great, I do a peach cobbler with brandy.

Remember to lift with your legs...
Anonymous said…
Although I with K. on the dip you described, I come from a family for whom it is not a party unless there is a bowl of Lipton's onion dip and a bowl of M&Ms, or so said my BIL for whom a party isn't a party unless there's a tray of lasagna steaming over those smelly candle things from the caterer (having an Alzheimer's moment...)
Anonymous said…
That dip sounds....interesting.
Reading this post, I can tell summer is right around the corner!
MsCellania said…
Thanks so much for sharing your Summer Delights.

Can't wait for photos of the rock.

Loretta - that's 'sterno', my dear.

Off to another grad party.
Suse said…
I intended to make a lucid comment, but I'm stuck on Loretta's bowl of onion dip with M&Ms now.
jenny said…
I've not been cursed with a discriminating palate. And my mother, with her questionable cooking skills, is thanking god for that.

And your dip? If one were to HATE radishes, what would be a good substitute?
BabelBabe said…
Onion dip with M7Ms? Drunk with a rum-and-coke, or g&t -- might just encompass every single real food group...

I HATE cottage cheese. And yet I trust you enough that I still play with the idea of making this....for a party or something...

What the heck is a googleberry? Did you make that up, you clever woman?
Poppy Buxom said…
BB, you dip sounds a lot like one I've eyed for years. It's Mimi Sheraton's. She calls it "Greek Salad," and says it was "also known as 'Spring Salad.' It was served as a side dish, or mixed with pot cheese and sour cream as a summer main course. When served as a salad, tomatoes can be added, but they should be eliminated if sour cream is to be added. ... The basic ingredients, ... are red radishes, cucumbers, and scallions ..."

She goes on to list:

1 bunch firm, young red radishes (about 10 to 12 radishes)
2 small Kirby cucumbers or 1 medium regular cucumber
6 to 8 scallions
1 small green pepper (optional)
1/2 bunch watercress (optional)
4 or 5 ripe Italian plum totatoes or one medium regular tomatoe
1 large clove garlic
Pinch of kosher salt
Black pepper

No mention is made of salty, ridged potato chips ... unfortunately.

From My Mother's Kitchen
MsCellania said…
And here I am, with a bunch of watercress with an empty dance card. Methinks I will be bringing Summer Dip to the graduation party in a couple of hours. And a HUGE bag of ruffles. Probably need the ridges to be sturdy enough for dredging.
Anonymous said…
Let me clarify: the onion dip is eaten with potato chips. The bowl of m&m's is eaten with your hand.

They are separate.

But equal.
Anonymous said…
How are we pronouncing "crappe?"

Crahp? Crap-PAY? Crappy?
littlemissme said…
I did an awesome apple spice cake that I will be posting about--but for now I just pulled out my brand new (from the dollar bins at Target but so cute!) recipe cards and recipe book, and my new glitter pens, and wrote those yummy-sounding things down! Am trying the summer dip for our picnic tomorrow, but adding ranch powder to it. I like a lot of flavor.
Joke said…
The only slightly reminds me of the dip in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The slump sounds excellent.

Major Bedhead said…
I haven't heard it referred to as slump in yonks. Sounds delicious. The dip sounds oddly good, too.
--erica said…
Definately going to give those recipes a try.
..Of course we dont' get fresh raspberries or blackberries here until august.. boo!
Lauri said…
I've heard about 'Slump', but never new exactly what it was. Thanks for the recipe! It's been summer here for weeks already, so it's definitely time to try this!
Sinda said…
I just saw a recipe for a slump cooked on the stovetop - which I thought was interesting.

Yesterday I made peach Clafouti, a la Jooolia. Baked fruit, halved and drizzled with sugar, cinnamon, lemon rind and juice, then transferred to a clean baking dish (juices reserved for sauce) and covered with a custard mixture of eggs, cream, sugar, vanilla, and flour, and baked again. The syrup is mixed with a liquor; I used Grand Marnier.

It was so good, I just had it for breakfast.