stuff I love/hate

I hate that aftertaste that I sometimes encounter with the syrups in the lattes at Starbucks.

I love the lattes at Starbucks.

I hate when people think they can speak with their mouths full of food because they have wedged it all in one cheek.

I love lighting a scented candle when we wake up in the morning.

I hate the taste of Alka Seltzer.

I love that it works.

I hate plastic shower stalls.

I love plastic containers like these.

I hate Listerene.

I love Scope. Blue.

I hate tiramisu.

I love tofu.

I hate white chocolate.

I love white wine.

I love Carmex.

I love caramel.

I hate that the details of K's departure from his previous position have still not been finalized and that he must deal with his former employers on a continuing basis.

I hate that I am so stressed that my neck and shoulder muscles hurt me.

I love all the little things in the house that K is able to take care of because he's here -
a loose knob, a wobbly table, something I can't reach, all fixed instantly.

One bad thing: I think I want it to be spring.

One good thing: I made molten chocolate cakes, from this magazine, and they were STUPENDOUS.


Paula said…
So? Where are the photos of The Stupendous Molten Chocolate Cakes? Hmm?
robiewankenobie said…
my guess is that it isn't the syrups, since they are pretty consistent. i think a) the shots aren't being put in quickly enough, or b) the milk has been re-steamed too many times.

but maybe it's just me.

hope that purgatory is over soon.
Anonymous said…
I want a molten chocolate cake, and I want it to be spring. But I'm OK with one last forecast of "wintery mix" Saturday night because that means I don't have to drive anybody anywhere on Sunday. But after that, I'll be ready for spring !!!

And white chocolate is so wrong.
Anonymous said…
mm that cake sounds delicious. that's probably the first thing that's sounded delicious to me in the a whole week- i'm on the mend!
Badger said…
White chocolate is an abomination.

I got that magazine too! But I haven't made anything from it yet.

The kids and I made a red velvet cake from scratch the other day. With the CORRECT frosting (NOT cream cheese). But I may blog about it so I can't talk about it right now.

For the stress I prescribe more white wine.
Anonymous said…
I know I'm a little late, but in defense of fat-free half-and-half: it tastes and looks better than skim milk in my coffee. That's why.
Anonymous said…
I need full fat milk in my coffee. We keep a pint just for that.

And the neck and shoulder stress from the previous position - mass quantities of red wine and molten chocolate cakes, baby!

Seriously, we've been through that more than once and it could not suck more. My word verification if "fkodgjc" and that's just how I feel during those times. I feel all fkodgc
Anonymous said…
I am laughing at myself.
You hate tiramisu...and I remembered the shots I so carefully took.
Sorry, didn't know.
BabelBabe said…
White chocolate is the spawn of Satan. It's not even CHOCOLATE. It's the bastard child of ...something.

and you need a nice hour-long massage. get thee to a spa.