a big giant picture post, because you love when I do posts with lots of pictures, PLUS show and tell

It's really a 'stuff I like' post -
with pictures!
I'll start with show and tell -
Here are my keys.
My keys! on a plate!

One huge car key thing and two house keys. I used to have a whole slew of keys. But then I thought, why? Why have all those yucky keys? And the reason I beautified my key chain was that my dear friend M gave me the beautiful key ring. I spent some time, a lot of time I suppose, assisting her in the decision making process during the renovation of her home. She had a wee tiny cottage and turned it into a reasonably large beautiful house. There were an awful lot of knobs, hardware and color schemes to choose and she does not like making those kinds of choices...luckily, I do. When it was all done, she bought me the key ring. She's a special friend.

She and I went to the mall the other day -
we each had mall business to attend to.
She returned a pair of shoes, I bought some new foundation.
She brought back some shorts, I bought a new belt for Middle.
She bought lunch. I ATE IT.
You know, like that.

I was looking at some outfits for my MIL. She's going to a wedding at the end of June and has an outift in her brain that I may be able to put together for her. I had a look in a couple of stores and saw some nice stuff - but I think J Jill is the way to go...
This could be nice.

Or this - with a pretty pastel tank under it and a long skirt.
I like the things in J Jill. In my fantasy life? when I am 70? I will buy clothes there. For now they might just hang too much for me, if you know what I mean.

Anthropologie had nothing that captured my interest -
save for the 'installations'

Just plastic water bottles.
But still...

I love them.

...And speaking of my MIL...
A while back she was intrigued with the idea of a coffee table with sand on it.
No glass. Just sand.
And then I reminded her that she has a 5 year old grandson, who would be perfectly happy to play with that sand if he could move ME away from the front of that table.
Pretty, but not practical.

Oldest was singing this when I got home.


I love it.

Know what ELSE I love?


I really do like them.
Especially when they dance...


Doublemint, doublegood, doublefresh lalalalala...

After dinner Youngest issued a sunset alert.
We all ran to check it out.


sky last
It was pretty damn good.
We ALL loved it.

And that?
Is pretty much where I'll leave you.



Paula said…
Great sunset! Mine's up.
Sinda said…

I'm up. Boring, but up.
Sarah Louise said…
So jealous of your visit to Anthropologie--the installations are so cool!

I'm up!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Sunset.

After a brief hiatus, I'm in on show and tell again and I'm up.

Have a great day.
Carol said…
You are one of the most creative people I know.
Deb R said…
That's a beautiful keychain and a beautiful sunset.

Also, I really want to play with that sand table. But not at my house. I wonder if I could sucker...er, um...convince anyone I know to buy that? Hhhmmm...
BabelBabe said…
I like the plastic bottles also. And if I lived in a different sort of house, I would recreate that in my entryway. I bought a great leaf-green dress from J Jill a few years ago, but ultimately got rid of it as it just HUNG on me. Did nothing for my figure at all. So funny to hear you say that, too.

I am up.
Sandy said…
It's my first time joining in on show and tell. I like the story behind your keychain and that sunset is wonderful.
the lizness said…
I like how the end of the keychain is a heart :)
mathomhouse said…
Mine's up -- although I did have to find them first.

PS, I love the way that the new "handicapped verification" sounds like it's a mom reading numbers aloud into a tinny microphone in the middle of her kitchen with the kids still eating breakfast.
BabelBabe said…
to me it sounds like the adults in Charlie Brown...
Geggie said…
Beautiful sunset!

I'll have my keys up later!
jak said…
M did good on the key chain, it's lovely and suits you well.

I really love it along with the yellow outfit and your sunset, beautiful.

Mines up too.
Papa said…
There is just so much that could be said, but let me just sum it up:

"I'll tell you what, WOW!"

(50 points if you can identify the movie that comes from)
halloweenlover said…
Love the keychain. Very cute.

I'm redoing my kitchen. Do you want to help me with knobs and colors? Please?
MsCellania said…
Beautiful! She chose a wonderful keychain for a very wonderful friend. Now, will you come to my house and do the same. Our colors? Very Model Show Home-y. *Yawn*

I did the key chain purge a few years' back. But I see they keys they are sneakin' on again. For example, I do not know whose silver key that is. I can imagine it is a secret admirer who slipped that on, but all my SA's are in the 4-6 age group, and don't have the dexterity to slip a key on my key chain.

I'm up and at 'em!
Jess said…
I am almost almost up and thought I'd comment while I was obtaining a link-a-rooney. Um, a link.

I love looking at J Jill but have never tried anything on. I suspect it of being not entirely my style, but in another phase of life I think it will be.
Anonymous said…
Amazing sunset. Sometimes you look at the photo afterwards and it just doesn't capture it, but that one looks beautiful.
jenny said…
I'm up.

Not too sure about the water bottle decorations...actually, I am too sure. Nope. Couldn't do it. Wouldn't do it.
islaygirl said…
i love the j.jill outfit. and that alarms me not a little because i'm 35 and i'm guessing your MIL is not, and that means i'm dressing like an MIL. hmmm. a well-dressed MIL, tho.
Amy A. said…
I'm new to the club, but love the show and tell idea. Thanks for the fun ideas.

My keys are up.
Paula said…
There's a special treat for you at my blog. I hope you like it. We should consider a contest with prizes for the MOST CRAP on the table.
Jennifer said…
I always wanted one of those remote thingys for my car :)

My show and tell is up... Sorry I'm late
kilowatthour said…
just under the wire, i'm up. i love the sunset, by the way. where can i see one of those? can i? from here? i don't know.
Caterina said…
Jennifer - Don't be sorry your late, I never am. I am the QUEEN of lateness :)

I AM UP!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I like the doublemint twins too! They're snazzy.

I'm up, sort of, and late.
Anonymous said…
You make keychains pretty

and sunsets too.
Joke said…
I'm up. (I saved as draft, for some reason.)

Anonymous said…
i played!! (a day late....)

but i'm up ;)

(my word verif is vdtra...sounds like a sex pill)
swanzwin said…
I like the key chain - totally you!
I am afraid of one of mine... A lady friend decided at 55 and after many years in a bad paying diplomatic job - to join the Peace Corp. This was 16 years ago! And there she still is - I think in Ivory Coast right now. And since the Peace corps usually do not "hire" anyone over 57, she MUST be the most senior volunteer.
Back to the key chain: after her first year in - let's see was it Benin ? - she brought me back the sculpture of an ethnic mask, in brass, the size of an amulette, of a pendant, or rightly so the size of a key chain.
This is the only keyset I have not lost since.
I have not heard too much from her in the last years. Her son-in-law is one of my best friends. I did not receive any bad news...
Is there a time when such relica should be preserved and saved - sort of perjuring an inevitable future wich - as an end is in fact eternal ?
So much for a key chain. I'll post the picture one of these days.