show and tell - an outfit

You know -
I always have the best intentions.
The best ideas.
I'll be standing in a store (it could be Old Navy, it could be Anthropologie) and I will see something I like. Perhaps something I could afford. And something that works with a particular skirt or pair of pants.
As my fingers touch the fabric of the garment (at this point it must be a top of some sort) I picture the accessories that might complement it - or the bag it would highlight or the shoes with chickens on them that will match it's dusty hue.
I'll make outfits in my head. And I will conjure more than one, because I'm thrifty like that.
All this will occur in a mere flash of a moment. And will occur to justify the purchase of both a $5.99 tank top as well as a $78.00 white blouse with french cuffs and interesting detailing that I could wear with ANYTHING - I'm only saying.

And yet.
Something magical and awful happens when the garment enters my home.
Yes, I do wear the garment -
Yes, it usually matches what I thought it would match,
but more often than not, I lose track of the myriad of outfits that I had envisioned whilst standing in Old Navy.
Say la vee.

Today, for Deb, who is heroic in her stamina, we are blogging outfits.

I am in the middle of putting away the woolens and as things pass through my hands and into the attic I am remembering all the outfits I thought I'd wear. Somehow though, I continued to gravitate to the same combinations.
I suppose I'll sort into piles for storage and charity.
This one's a keeper though -

E's skirt

It's a skirt that belonged to K's mom. I don't know how she happened to give it to me but she smiles when I wear it -
It's woven and very heavy and, I realize now, could be 30 years old.

Replacing it in my closet is this great anthro skirt - it's only 3 or 4 years old and kind of tough to match a top to -

red skirt

I usually wear a black tee with it.


This is my new favorite outfit.
Old Navy cargos, tank and $10 bag. People have been stopping me in the street to ask about the bag! The cardi is J Crew, and also 3 or 4 years old - I remember being very nervous buying it because it was $40 - but now that I think about it, I wear it like a spring coat, nearly every day.

And what am I wearing today?
I'm not crazy about this outfit...

what I'm wearing

Not especially flattering - but comfortable...and I am on my way to have my hair cut so I will have to change the top anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all.


KPB said…
is this bad - or out of line - to say that by the looks of it, your body is hot? the socks and birkenstocks made me laugh - are you channeling German backpackers?

I just can't do the outfits thing, because really, I'm still in the land of if it fits it gets worn.
BabelBabe said…
What Kim said about the body.

You look GREAT in those pants.

Also, I must go to ON today and see if they still have any cute bags. A mom who went to the zoo with us yesterday was carrying an adorable bag similar to yours - also ON. LOVE it.
Anonymous said…
Hey. You are hot! I want those skirts. And the cargo pants.

Thanks for the outfits. I haven't been shoppiing in ages, so it's nice to dress vicariously through other people.
My float said…
I love the skirts. I want the skirts. Please, can I have the skirts!

I'm with Kim. It fits, wear it.

Here from Glamorouse
Anonymous said…
Dang! You're pretty kick-ass!

You definitely look very backpackerish today! Groovy!

I'm up!
Anonymous said…
Wow. You and your clothes are really, really, well, I was going to say cute, but that's not the word. Lovely.

I cannot, cannot join in this show and tell, because I have nothing that is actually an outfit, still being locked in a chaos phase of life that seems to preclude putting matching fabrics together but does allow me to make new banners for my blog. Geez those clothes look fun.
lazy cow said…
Those skirts are to-die-for, especially the first one.
Somehow I never pictured you as a Birki and socks girl.
I'm up.
MsCellania said…
One Hot Mama You Are.
I love the 30 year old skirt. Covet it, actually. And would have nothing to wear with it. And hell yes on the birkis and socks.

Me? I would dress 100% of the time in Title Nine as all their stuff is exquisite sweats.

Me and pigeons? We're Up.
Jennifer said…
Love the clothes. And the outfit you're wearing today.. Love that too. Hope you'll show us the new haircut?

I'm up :)
Anonymous said…
I have those pants in the same two colors.

Love the skirts, love the bag. Love it all.
Suse said…
Love the red skirt, love the bag. The socks and sandals look? Not so much. Like Kim they remind me of Scandawog tourists.

But of course you are hot and I'm allowed to say that.

I'm up.
blackbird said…
I think you all know that I am not showing you my haircut.

suffice to say, I look just like Betty Rubble.
--erica said…
Love the outfits!

I'm loving the mix of glamour and college student (cargos and birkenstocks!)

I'll be up later.. maybe..
islaygirl said…
i'm up! and that skirt from your MIL is AWESOME. as is the handkerchiefy one. i love skirts. probably because the only part of my body fit for exposure is from the knees down.
Sarah Louise said…
I love the outfit with the bag and the...oh who am I kidding, I loved it all! I'm never brave enough to try on cargo pants...

I'm up.
Susie Sunshine said…
If you ever see another $10 bag that cute, please pick one up for me.

Thanks in advance,
Someone who adores your taste in clothing
MsCellania said…
Okay, Okay, if Sarah Louise is brave enough to post a self-portrait, I can do it too.

I'm up. Again.
Anonymous said…
Ah, it is nice to see that sometimes you turn to socks 'n' birks. Sometimes I think I should dress up for the haircut so they'll think I'm fancier and give me a more stylish cut. Do I? No, I ride my bike in and have helmet hair.

For Deb, an outfit of mine is here:

(obviously I posted that prior to this week. oh well. I keep wearing the sweater and keep thinking about wearing the skirt, but not in time to repair it.)
Angela said…
Although I'm feeling quite unfashionable, I'm up.

(By the way, um, if you need to unload either of the skirts, please stick my name in the hat!)
BabelBabe said…
I just went to ON to get that bag. It made ME look like a bag lady. And the cargoes? Made my ass look as huge as Texas.

I did buy a cute brown woven skirt and two v-neck Ts, one lavender, one pale blue, though.

and then the cashier at Giant Eagle *assumed* I was pregnant.
Jess said…
I love the way you can move back and forth from gorgeous skirts to birkenstocks. And the first skirt? I'm lusting after it.

I'll be up as soon as I get myself outfit at the moment is pyjamas.
Anonymous said…
Great skirts! I did a similar post here, although without the photos. This
mathomhouse said…
Your skirts are gorgeous, bb.

I'm still in my pyjamas, I confess -- got to love those late-start kindergarten days! -- so I asked the girls to put together some outfits....
Anonymous said…
I just saw someone in a coffee shop with that bag yesterday, and lusted after it.

I LOVE the red skirt.

I envy your outfits. Even the Birks.
christa said…
i'm sorry... i have to chew you out for birks & socks. show off those feet & ankles, woman!
Badger said…
I'm going to move to Tuvalu so I can borrow your clothes.

One of the teachers at my kids' school has that bag! I want one!

I'm up.
Caterina said…
That first skirt is GORGEOUS. Your MIL has great taste. As do the cargos outfit, but I wouldn't know what shoes to wear with it??

My outfit, hopefully, will be posted later today. Probably much later.
littlemissme said…
I'm still shaking my head at your thick socks and birks, but I forgive you, because I have that $10 bag, too! I bought the burgundy/purple-y themed one and I love it. So perfect for my bus rides, I can fit everything!
I love all of the Anthropologie things you post. Your taste is impeccable.
littlemissme said…
My comment went into the nether?

I was saying--
That your birks and think socks make me laugh, but that I bought that bag too! I got the burgundy color scheme. I love it, it fits perfectly over my shoulder and rests on my hip, and I can fit tons in it!
I always love your Anthropologie purchases--you have such impeccable taste!
Lauri said…
I'm not much of a skirt girl, but...the outfit you are wearing today is pretty much the way I dress all the time!

Mine's up...
Marcia said…
your skirts are gorgeous. come live near me, and we'll share, and be best friends.

And my show and tell is finally up!
Lynne@Oberon said…
Oh I love Anthropologie and am extremely jealous of people who get to buy it whenever they want it. All my Anthro stuff (umm, two things) are five years old .. but still groovy!

Your Old Navy outfit looks perfect :)

And, I agree - sizzling!
Unknown said…
I would trade you one of my children for that red Anthro skirt.

Oh wait, my husband might have some objections. Darn.
Unknown said…
I'm a first-time reader and I really enjoy your blog. I've posted today's outfit (such as it is) here
woof nanny said…
I love all the clothes! Especially the vintage skirt. Why did you say 'replacing' it? No, that's a keeper! I have GOT to get a digital camera so I can play too.
Anonymous said…
Every time I turn around, I find out that one of my lovely anonymously blogging ladies is quite attractive. It's making me wonder if I wouldn't automatically become more attractive if I stopped posting photos. Maybe?

Love the skirts.
Caterina said…
I told you I would be up...much later. Whew! Actually, I feel like I barely made curfew.

I'm up!

catsteeven's show & tell
Caterina said…
Oops, I'm not sure if my link worked. Here it is again - catsteeven's show & tell

I worked hard on this one.
KPB said…
OK - I've relented.

I am up.

Go see and weep.
Anonymous said…
You have some seriously cute clothes. I really need to go shopping.
Anonymous said…
Hey, my outfit on display today comes with a new haircut too!

You have the best skirts.

You look very svelte in your hip cargo getup.

I don't think ON makes things for WOS, except, maybe, those bags. ;)
Anonymous said…
Ah, the socks the socks.
Anonymous said…
That knitted skirt is fabu.