ode to a scented candle

Oh Yankee Candle,
Amber Sunset Yankee Candle
I adore thee.

Your scent fills me with such stupor (can that be?)
with such a warm amber-y loveliness
that I wish to sniff you all the live long day.

Laundry? NO.
Vacuuming? NOT.
Sniffing? oh yes.

Such anxiety fills me...
will you be available this summer?
should I purchase you in bulk from the Yankee Candle store?
or, can I sleep knowing that you will be available, and coupons will be accepted
once more


Anonymous said…
I am not a candle person. However, I suspect this has more to do with my fire phobia than any visceral aversion to scent or wax. Your lovely prose may move me to at least go sniffing around at BB&B.
Sarah Louise said…
I do not like pears. Nor does my co-worker. But she says that BB&B has nice pear smelling stuff.

Not really into the smelly candles either--I like regular candles though!
Caro said…
My sister used to sell Gold Canyon candles. (I think that's what they were called,)

The one called Birthday cake is to die for.
Badger said…
Wait! I haven't heard of Amber Sunset. Is it new?
Anonymous said…
This is weird: I spent a good 20 minutes in the candle at Tarzhay this evening, sniffing various permutations of vanilla. I finally settled on one--the one in the yellow and black box. I'm not going to write an ode to it though--the last inanimate object I wrote an ode to was my iPod.
MsCellania said…
I understand candle lust. I posted about my particular pyro-passion; Cashmere Balsam at The Great Indoors (which is just a fancy name for Sears, after all). I swear I spend alot of time in our bedroom just to inhale deeply of this particularly intoxicating aroma. My sister and I actually come up to the room to chat! We sprawl on the bed and talk and laugh, while two little boys pester me to use the laptop. And also enjoy the perfume of this pillar.

One of my friends sells soy candle products. They are nice, but really strongly scented - too potent for me. I like subtle scents.

And were I as talented as you, I would've written an Ode to my candle.
--erica said…
i have never heard of this "Amber Sunset".

I must try it.

Last year the candle scent was FIG. but only the right FIG.
Anonymous said…
And just under the wire for National Poetry Month!
BabelBabe said…
I wish The Good House made Beach House scented candles.
Table4Five said…
I loved this poem. I have to stay out of Bed, Bath and Crack-I mean, Beyond, because their beautiful displays of neatly folded bath towels cause my credit cards to spontaneously jump right out of my wallet. I spent how much? Gee, how'd that happen? Hee hee