show and tell

So I wanted to see something up close.
Something close up.
I had visions of me shooting picture after picture of wonderful textures and patterns that no one would be able to recognize -- I envisaged you all having an ahhhaaaa moment when you recognized my pant leg or the hair on my arm. (ew)
But then the week caught up with me.
I spent, like, four hours making a special dinner for valentines day -
cornmeal breaded tilapia with fresh salsa and polenta
and a semisweet chocolate three layer cake with vanilla cream filling and ganache.
And damn.
Damn, if I was a full time pastry person I wouldn't have to do laundry. (Oldest brought giant bags of laundry back here when he moved home and NO I do not WANT him near my washing machine.)
So the pictures I had in mind?
Not here.
Here - look at this
a meringue I made. (please pronounce it like the dance: mer-ang-gay)
Check out its soft fluffiness.
It's not a meringue at ALL.
fake snow
It's the incredibly fake looking snow by the kitchen door!
Wild, huh!?

all right.

That's it for today.

It's survivor night.


Suse said…
Tuvalan snow is downright weird looking.

Meanwhile here we're about to have another Total Fire Ban Day. Oh the heat, the heat ...!

Enjoy your snowy day, I'm off to my bed now.

(Word verif is owkei. Okay!)
BabelBabe said… mom used to make these meringue cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle - yum. see how everything turns to food with me?

i'm up. i too had ambitions of texture and little ears and toes and fingers...instead...i copped out. but it's a good copout : )
Anonymous said…
I am up.

Your snow is nifty! I would love the occasional snow.
Anonymous said…
could you explain what is meant by the phrase "he moved home?" i've been hearing this phrase a lot lately. they move out and then, they come back?
KPB said…
I'm up in rather painful details. Snow. Amazing.
BUt forget that, I'm just loving that vista through the back door into the kitchen. Singing: Baby it's cold outside...
Jennifer said…
I build snowmen, you build snow pie :) hahahaha!

My show & tell is up

Happy Thursday!!
Anonymous said…
tilapia sounds like a good reason to lose track of time.....
My up closes are posted.
Sarah Louise said…
pronounce it like the dance...lemon merengue pie...oh yes, sounds so much better!!

now I'm hungry...

I'm up.

my vw: uwgrnyc (u want go round new york city)--how did they know?
Anonymous said…
Our snow has melted! It was 64 yesterday! Yayyy us!

Mine is up. :-)
andrea said…
my cop-out is up too.
halloweenlover said…
I've been living in the Northeast for FAR TOO LONG. I knew it was snow right away.

I'm up.
Anonymous said…
I'm up. Sad and pathetic tho' my offering is.
mathomhouse said…
I love pictures of snow. I've been looking up Norwegian blogs lately, just to get pictures of snow. Pathetic, really.
--erica said…
What? No arm hair!? ha ha..

Yes, tonight is Survivor.
I can hardly wait.

Close Ups are UP
jak said…
I like yours very much.

Now go see mine.....

Happy Thursday BB
bon said…
cool... or rather COLD!

and that's saying alot because I am heartily SICK of snow.

I'm up.... but you have to scroll down and check out the travesty of the face in the previous two posts for my close-up to mean much.
Elizabeth said…
I'm up.
I thought we weren't going to see snow this winter. As Edna Mode would say, "But here we aaare!"
Jess said…
I'm up. I was all "that's not meringue" and then, you know, duh, it wasn't.
lazy cow said…
I'm up. Love the sound of the cake.
jenny said…
Hey, I'm up...on the right day even *pats self on back*
Grammy said…
Snow! I had almost forgotten about the stuff. It's 75 dgrees here in Houston and I just finished canning the last of the tomatoes from our winter garden.

Survivor night, indeed. How do they keep coming up with all the twists that keep it interesting? I'm amazed
Badger said…
I'm up, finally.

Here's hoping Shane goes down in flames tonight. And I might mean that literally.
Anonymous said…
Mer-in-gue... like the dance. hahahahahaha
Lauri said…
I'm up!

But, sorry...I don't watch Survivor. (Is it ok to admit that?)
Mine's finally up. I'm jealous of your snow, but I think you will be even more jealous of my close-up.

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