show and tell: a meal

Yesterday I had my usual third friday of the month breakfast with the girls, at the diner.
In Tuvalu yesterday was the third friday of the month. Okay?

d and m

These are my beautiful friends.
At the diner.
They always order the same things.
Egg white omelets, coffee or tea, no potatoes, and dry toast.

What do I order?
Bacon and cheese omelet.
cheese and bacon
Tea, juice, toast with butter.

egg white omelet

Our diner is very classy - there are recipes for cocktails on the placemats.


There are botanical prints on the walls.

At the table? Good food and conversation.


dry toast

I am on a strong antibiotic -- it makes me not want to eat...


Take with or without food?
If I can do either, why mention it at all?

I'm off to the dentist this morning -
then I will come and look at everyone's show and tell --
with a numb mouth.
Love the numb mouth.


Anonymous said…
An drug that makes you not want to eat?? why didn't my doctor give me that? I'm on Levaquin, but it hasn't stymied my appetite - just gives a tummy ache afterwards.

Like that's gonna stop me!
lazy cow said…
That does look like a classy diner.

Never had any fillings so have no idea what the numb mouth feels like. Hope you can eat without dribbling afterward?

I'm up. And no, it's not an apple.
BabelBabe said…
what, no pie? pray tell, how does one go to a diner for a meal and not have pie? although that omelet looks yummy.

i'm up.
Sarah Louise said…
I'm up. But if you get to pretend yesterday was the third friday of the month in this "Tuvalu" place of which you speak, I get to pretend that I took a picture of the amazing apple pie I had last night. And don't get me started with Blogger not letting me post a stock picture from Google images...
Anonymous said…
Good luck at the dentist. I need to get myself to a dentist - just for a checkup.

I'm up!
Anonymous said…
I didn't cook! We have been eating stuff from the freezer that I prepared in advance of the baby being born. I have nothing to show today unless you want to see a bunch of freezer containers. Bummer!
Jennifer said…
Dang it. You just reminded me that I had cancelled Connor's and my dental appointments from December. I guess it's time to reschedule ....Connor's. haha.

I wish I could eat eggs.. I love them SO much, however when I was pregnant for Connor, I got very ill eating eggs and I am STILL unable to eat them without feeling as though my gut had been hit by a semi.

My show and tell is up! Happy Thursday :)
jak said…
Classy diner with Class gals- what's better- I think I'd have what you were having.

Sorry your on such nasty drugs and I hope all goes well at the dentist

Mines up bright and early.
--erica said…
I'm up!

A diner breakfast with friends sounds delightful.
I'm worried now about this antibiotic thing and the dentist though. Hope you're better soon!
andrea said…
oooh thank you for reminding me to make my dentist appointment! remember when they used to send those little postcards out...?

anyway, mine is up.
mathomhouse said…
Mine's up. It's probably a good thing there wasn't any pie in the house (or Girl Scout cookies).
christa said…
i thought the drug label said:

don't take with antacids.

i have failed you this week with the food thing. sorry. i'll be better in the future.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully I'll be joining in the show and tell thing soon (as soon as I learn how to upload the pictures from the digital camera onto my laptop so I don't have to wait for hubby to get around to doing it on his computer and then remember to put them in a shared file and yada yada yada).

In the meantime, I will wow you with a description of a meal! I know, exciting, huh? Turkey breast on white with mustard. Potato chips. Iced tea.

Do try not to be jealous of my obvious culinary wizardry.
Badger said…
I don't know that I could actually eat breakfast with a bunch of eggwhite omelette and dry toast orderers. I could eat with YOU though, bacon and cheese lady!

Good luck with the tooth thing. I hope they give you better drugs, or something.

Oh, and I'm up.
Jess said…
I'm with Badger on the egg whites and dry toast. Toast should NEVER be dry and all the good stuff is in the yolks. Your bacon and cheese looks yummy - I want one.
sueeeus said…
Zithromax ROCKS. Well, it worked great for me the time I needed it.

Your friends are gorgeous and well disciplined. Do they really LIKE dry toast and eggs sans yolks? I'd rather just skip them than have them that way. Your breakfast looked much better! I'm at the city office, no cameras allowed. Visualize a V8 can next to a bottle of Tabasco, Warhol style for my input. :)
robiewankenobie said…
last year? i had six cases of strep in four short months. i feel your antibiotic pain. now i'm hungry for eggs...
Jess said…
I'm finally that I've eaten my meal.
KPB said…
I hate how my computer currently doesn't refresh or reload pages automatically, so I seem to miss days and days of everything.

I don't think this is the right post but I'll write it here anyway. I too get to the dreading "what's for dinner" stage - it's one of the reasons why I've recommitted to Eat Me - making me try new things or at least bore the universe with me as we eat chicken, corn and rice, AGAIN.

That omlette looks divine. And I'm not an omlette kinda gal.
jenny said…
just in the nick of time...I'm up. The omlette looks delicious.

You love the numb mouth? You are deranged.

But you know I likes ya.
Liz said…
The omelette looks delicious. And I guess I never realized Tuvalu was not in Europe.

I am dumber than a box of rocks that way.

I googled it and feel
ej-i-mi-cated now.
Anonymous said…
Hey, that one lady in the picture has GORGEOUS teeth. You can tell her I said so.
Anonymous said…
I Love (see, capital L love) this post. The photos, the narrative all worked together so well.
I'm finally up, but it's nothin' to write home about.
Lauri said…
Now you're making me hungry!

I'm up!
Anonymous said…
if we invited your friends to the annual lunch, would they be surprised at the bacon cheeseburger?