show and tell: a good hat

When Middle says 'a good hat' he is referring to a hat with a certain character.
A hat that speaks to him.
He has a vast collection of hats, and they each suit him.
The hat that sort of started it all.
Indie's hat.
Yes, the child has a map of the world on his wall.
That's just the kind of guy he is.
where did we get this one?
We don't know where this one is from.
But I know I purchased it (as opposed to having received it as a bar mitzvah bonus).
And I know it is a rip of this one:
chinese hat
A Chinese army hat. Purchased by K. In China.
Hey, they've got small heads over there.

And speaking of bar mitzvah give aways...

and it came in other colors.
pink too
very sassy in pink. SASSY.

oppy's hat
This was Oppy's cap. Not that Oppy (named thusly by Oldest who could not say Poppy)
was a wee Irish lad.
Looked like this -


And, as we see, Mr. Nehru himself did indeed have a good good hat.

But, back to the matter at hand.

swag hat
Total swag hat.
I just giggle like a 10 year old when I say 'Snap on tool.'
And yesterday I saw a guy at the bank in a Snap On Tools jacket.

Middle wants me to say that this is the Female Body Inspector hat. Because you've never heard that joke.

king hat
Guns N' king hats.

book hat
Coincidentally, a painting that Youngest commemorate the hat and antlers he wore for weeks in December.

Middle and I will visit the blogs when he gets home today.
We will comment on hats.

For those of you who do not read/blog on the weekends, have a good one.
For those who do?

Hats off to ya.


Badger said…
I do not own a single hat, but the Badger children have some doozies. I hope hope hope I can find them today, for Middle's sake. I'll let you know.
Anonymous said…
Middle is clever and I like him.
My hat is up for viewing.

Happy Weekend.
BabelBabe said…
That's a very good hat, on VERY good hair.

Mine's up.
BabelBabe said…
the first one, i meant. that's my fav.

my word verif is
which clearly indicates that yes, I am indeed an idiot.
mathomhouse said…
In one of those weird time-space conundrum thingys, mine was up yesterday, although dated today.

I am seriously impressed by Middle's hats. Love the Irish cap.
Liz said…
Middle looks like a very interesting person to talk to who knows many things beyond his years.
doggerelblogger said…
Okay - mine's up, too (though since I was such a keener, I think everyone's already seen it).

word verification: igfkoot "I give coot?"
sueeeus said…
Middle has a fine personality, and character, as evidenced by his fine hat collection. Everyone needs a Chinese army hat. Either that or a pith helmet lined with Chinese newspaper. ;)

Mine's up.
Cee said…
Those are some good hats! I like the first one the best.

Mine is up.

My daughter took them at the last minute on the way out the door. Please forgive my bad hair. It looks better now.
Sarah Louise said…
Well, you're expecting me to say my fave is the pink one, but I think my fave is the painting, then the first hat, then the pink one. Why didn't I think of my king's hat? Love the pics of Oppy, too. I'm up, but you knew that.
Lauri said…
I love hats! I have tons of hats! I'm going to post a picture now on my BlogSmith blog.
halloweenlover said…
It took me a while to think of a hat, since I own hardly any, but I'm finally up.

Middle is the coolest. My favorite is his little beanie looking plaid one. Love it.
Anonymous said…
Alrighty. My Very Good Hat is up. It is very good in a number of ways; I'm afraid its style and character are somewhat obscured by my perpetually amateur photography.
andrea said…
i couldn't resist playing this week. mine's up.
andrea said…
i just put up a second one. this is a very addicting show and tell! thank you!
jenny said…
I love the Chinese Army cap. And I'm up with the show and tell
Anonymous said…
I'm up!
Badger said…
Okay, I found them! Well, some of them anyway. And thus, I'm up.
Jess said…
I like that first one. Very spiffy. And every young person should have a world map up. I need one myself.

Hats are up.
Angela said…
I love each and every one of Middle's hats.

We're up!
Mine's a bit lame but it's up.
Jennifer said…
Love the hats. :) Mine's been up all day, just forgot to come back and say so :)
Anonymous said…
I just wrote about my weakness for good hats. It's the only thing I have in common with Jack Abramoff, I swear.
Suse said…
My favourite is the Chinese hat.

(Re the Snap On Tools, there used to be a mobile/home-visiting mechanics company round here, called Travelling Tools. The vans' licence plates were TOOL1 and TOOL2, etc, and all the employees were very young, good looking and muscled. I seem to recall the uniform was frighteningly skimpy, also).
Suse said…
And mine will be up soon. I completely forgot this week, so will be a day late.
christina said…
I love that you encourage Middle's sense of style. What a great kid. And GREAT hats.
--erica said…
Okay! We have hats UP!

Love the hats MIDDLE!
Yes, I've "got hats." Late as usual.

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