more fun than

Youngest got A Barrel of Monkeys for christmas.
We are having a lot of fun with it.

Do you know the rules?
Because I did not.

You shake them up.
shake em up

You spill them out.
Really SPILL them. There is no cheating allowed.
Cheating would be kind of pouring them out so they stay in a big pile...
allowing the cheater to pick them up in a large clump.
That is just no good.

This is the right way.
When spilled in this manner, the monkeys are to be picked up, one at a time.
The winner is the person who is able to lift the highest number of monkeys without dropping any.


Of course, after Youngest and I spent quite a while perfecting our spill and hook techniques and successfully managing to lift 8 or nine monkeys, Middle saunters through the room, assesses the situation and calmly lifts 12 monkeys as if they are magnetized.

In other child-related news, yesterday was a very big dental-day for us. Middle had his braces removed and Youngest's palate expander was taken out. They spent the evening experimenting with the way food felt and moved in their mouths -- Youngest was alarmed to find the husk of a popcorn kernel under his expander (he has not had popcorn for over a month) and Middle notified me of all brace-less activities:
Mom, this is the first time I've been to the bathroom without braces.
Look, I'm drinking a glass of milk without braces.
I'm going to IM with my friends now, without braces.

Yes, between monkeys and teeth, things are very exciting here.


Marcia said…
I never had any idea how to play Barrel of Monkeys. That does sound like fun.

But my let's-pretend-I'm-still-in-college brain wants to figure out the best way to turn it into a drinking game.
--erica said…
hmmm..we may just pick up this game next time we're at that BIG store. Congrats to the boys on losing the braces!!! We head in to that world next summer!
Funny, funny boys. I'm blogging without braces. How about you?
Jennifer said…
I always wanted that game as a kid. It is just way too fun.

Congrats on the no braces!
Heather said…
Sounds more fun. I never had braces, so I can't relate. But I did have a piece of metal so big I couldn't speak without spitting. They called it a "bionator." Try saying that in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice! It's pretty fun!
sara said…
This post gave me a fit of nostalgia, remembering playing this game with my little brother and his friends.
And congratulations on going braceless! That is a big day...
Elizabeth said…
My son is still at the 'braces on' stage and still complaining over the things he shouldn't be eating - and still eating them (occasionally) In fact, I'm driving to an ortho appt. later today for the joyous tighting. A barrel full of monkeys, indeed.
He's being cute without braces.
Sarah Louise said…
Oh I remember the day I got my braces off--we took before and after pics. And I have played Barrel of Monkeys once or twice--yes, very fun!!
robiewankenobie said…
my son is doing lots of things because he's five. i can do this...because i'm five. i should have x many...because i'm five.