in which American Express does a meme

It's no coincidence that American Express has a series of print ads that are a meme -
blogging is so in that I cringe just thinking about it.
Of the three or four versions of this ad that I have read, I would have to say that the Ellen DeGeneres answers are my favorite...but I like her anyway.
ellen's meme

I decided to give it a go-

My name....duh.

childhood mother waking me to look out the window and see snow falling.

fondest memory...the days my babies were born.

soundtrack...the noise of my home and family around me.

retreat...that tropical island, or my bed.

wildest dream...limitless happiness.

proudest moment...seeing my children's loyalty to each other.

biggest challenge...losing the fear.

alarm clock...Bose.

perfect the beach.

first job...inventory clerk for a department store.


last purchase...a kit kat bar.

favorite movie...Love Actually.

inspiration...all the details.

My pretty much the way I want it to be.

My card, well, it actually is American Express.

Go ahead. Do your own AmEx ad.


Unknown said…
Tnanks for the idea. I meme'd myself today.
Heather said…
I think you might just be a very funny lady. :)
KDunk said…
your childhood memory is so lovely
Liz said…
I saw this in a magazine the other day while getting the oil changed and thought "This would make a lovely meme but I've done like 3 in 1 month. I'd hate to overkill but I really like memes. Maybe someone else will do it first."
KPB said…
Ah, excellent. Mine is done and up.
BabelBabe said…
me too - saw it in newsweek and totally wanted to swipe it. now i will swipe it from you, bb.
Suse said…
I love doing memes, and reading other peoples' answers.

I like Love Actually too, despite the inner feminist in me finding it a mite ... misogynistic?
jak said…
Love Actually is my favorite too-

I saw this in Time Mag- and thought it was great too-

I'm currently having bad computer ju-ju and haven't been able to get on much-your site is the frist that came up with a problem-YEA!

the rain screwed it all up-:(
jak said…
That was "without a problem-Yea!"
woof nanny said…
Great idea--mine is up too.
Jennifer said…
I enjoy this sort of thing as well. I may do this one sometime, but as of right now I just posted my Show & Tell :)
jill said…
Ohhh this is so funny... While visiting in Calif. for Christmas my brother made a copy this same ad and printed out the sheets for all of us to fill out while we were there. Each of us did and then he hung them up on their kitchen cabinets... It was so fun to read everyone's answers. I even helped my niece (4) and nephew (6) fill theirs out. My brother's Sountrack is "Walk the Line." And my niece who just adores her daddy, her soundtrack was "Walking the Lion." hee...
halloweenlover said…
Funny that you should say that you cringe because blogging is so in, because I do also. Everytime I read another article talking about the blogging explosion, it makes me want to quit even though I love the actual blogging. Sigh.
David said…
these used to run as magazine ads a thousand years ago, didn't they?