badger made me do it (actually I jumped at the chance)

A - assholes. have ZERO tolerance for them. (I blame my profanity on Badger as well)
B - Breakfast: a scone? an orange? froot loops out of the box?
C - Chore you hate: cleaning the shower.
D - Dad's name: Ron. Ronald. Died while I was pregnant with Youngest leaving me unable to name Youngest for him as I could not possibly use Ron or even thing of an R name.
E - Essential everyday item: laptop.
F - Flavor ice cream: dulce de leche.
G - Gold or silver?: silver in summer, gold in winter.
H - Hometown: Tuvalu you fools, TUVALU.
I - Insomnia: but I am medicated.
J - Job title: mom.
K - Kids: don't you read my subtitle?
L - Living arrangements: are vacuumed once a week, sometimes twice.
M - Mom's birthplace: TUVALU!
N - Number of significant others: one
O - Overnight hospital stays: do I count all the times I lived at the hospital with Youngest when he was little? 20?
P - Phobia: I am SO not telling.
Q - Queer?: um, no, not that I have any problem with it.
R - Religious affiliation: Unitarian Universalist.
S - Siblings: two brothers.
T - Time you wake up: 6 or 6:30.
U - unnatural hair colors you've worn: oh so many, presently I am 'brioche', off just a shade from 'biscotti'.
V - vegetable you love to eat: beets.
W - worst habit: chewing that dry skin around my fingernails. YES, CHEWING!
X - x-rays you've had: no idea, a few.
Y - yummy: dark chocolate, cheese, bread, pinot, bacon, olives...I love to eat.
Z - zodiac sign: don't you read my blog?


Anonymous said…
I had NO idea you were second generation Tuvuluvian! Wow.
Secondly, c'mon--share the phobia.
Now that there's profanity on the blog, you might as well let it all hang out...;)
Carol said…
I'm so sorry that your dad died before meeting Youngest. I'm also sorry that he had health issues. Sounds like it was a terrible time.
Anonymous said…
i too have been brioche! someone in tuvalu is doing their own highlights ... ;)
Badger said…
I am SUCH a bad influence on you.

And also, Brioche turned my hair orange.
Heather said…
Argh, I have the fingernail habit, too. It's a disaster in winter when skin is dry and so is everything else. How can we stop. Let's paint our fingers with nasty-tasting something. What, am I 5 years old?
lazy cow said…
I always wondered what people who vacumn *more* than once a week were like. That's impressive.
Anonymous said…
Chocolate... mmmmmmm.
Jennifer said…
My dad's name is Ronald too!
Um I've never heard of this flavour of ice cream.
BabelBabe said…
the fingerskin thing - i do that too. i have ok enough looking hands except for my grotty, scabby, scritchy cuticles.

glad i am not the only one.

does cuticle cream help you at all???
Anonymous said…
MMMM...Dulce de current favorite too! And I have to agree with letter "A". I have too many of those around me too....not family of course! :)
Shannon said…
The vacuuming thing...this disturbs me a little.
If you like beets, we can hang out.
KPB said…
Ah, a fellow vacuuming nail cuticle chewer. Welcome. I've lazy blogged this today.