show and tell: my car

You have all seen my car.
I am happy to have it back.
blah blah blah blah blah, man.


I did a lot of research before we got it. I like it a lot.

I am a car head. I love cars.
I love old cars and new cars, junky cars and luxury cars.
I read about cars, but not voraciously, and I go to the auto show once a year.

If you provide me with your budget and needs I am able to recommend a vehicle to you based on my research and the opinions and ratings in the media.

And all budgetary information aside, I believe that our cars, like our wardrobes, say something about us --

let me know if you are posting,
I wanna see your car.


Anonymous said…
Blackbird, We own a volvo too and I thought I'd be a first time show and teller today and show you our cars! Your blog is amazing.
Anonymous said…
It's Friday! Hooray!

I'm up!
halloweenlover said…
Blackbird! I LURVE your car! We also are a bit car obsessed around here too and spent many hours poring over consumer reports and car and driver magazines.

I wish I'd asked you back in July what kind of car we should get. But that's okay, in a few months we'll likely have to buy another since I am driving around an 8 year old car and then I'll be begging for advice.

I'm up!
Anonymous said…
I have posted our cars. I blame the patriarchy for my husband's having a car that is 100x cooler than my car.
kilowatthour said…
i'm up. also, i love your car. one of these days...
jak said…
I'm up too and so is my S&T post.

You know how I feel about your car...

Have a nice Friday BB
halloweenlover said…
Yay! Thank you for your blessing on Curvy. As it came from a true car connoisseur, I'm very happy. I'm hoping that our wee family will grow in the wee future, but weee'll see.
Major Bedhead said…
I'm a bit of a car head, too. If there's a Road & Track in the doctor's office, I'd much rather read that instead of People or *gag* Good Housekeeping (because, let's face it, I don't).

I drive a very practical, very dull Honda Accord. I'm lusting after a British Racing Green Mini Cooper. And I do mean lust. One more year, one more year of payments on the husbands even-more-boring Saturn and then that Mini will be mine, oh yes, oh yes it will.
Susie Sunshine said…
No way.
My van, like my kitchen IN NO WAY says anything about me other than I have more kids than income.

Your car (like your kitchen) is lovely, though.

Word verification was :exerl.
exercise loser?!
I got groceries instead of working out today, HOW DID THEY KNOW?!
Anonymous said…
It's long...but it's up!
BabelBabe said…
my decrepit pick up truck said more about me than my curvy, sleek new car. :)

mine's up.
christa said…
i posted a photo, man.
mathomhouse said…
Oh, man, I KNEW I should have washed the car last weekend --
sueeeus said…
You have a great ride! I coveted one of those... Mine's up.
Anonymous said…
I totally forgot it was Friday....but better late than not ever.
bon said…
Mah totally un-pimped ride is up. We fell into the deal and bought it for some unusual reasons, and there she is.
Badger said…
My badass minivan is now available for your viewing pleasure.
Jess said…
Mine's up.
Suse said…
Mine will be up later. It's outside right now, being rained on.

(Tasmanian car wash)

Word verif. oiamhqya
Oh I Am High, Quoi?
I'll be up later tonight (probably late later). We're just finishing up the details on said car today.

I'm so glad your baby's back.
Cee said…
Okay, a day late but I posted mine. Hope you all don't mind I joined in on this. I just happen to have a recent pic of my car to share.
Sorry, no picture but a brief descrip and a completely unrelated life story.
Phil said…
Hello there. Found you via pal Xta.

I don't know how other folks are posting their cars, but here's my Alfa:

Originally I had been looking for something both cool and functional and had thought about a used Volvo V40. But instead I got the '86 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce and a '93 Ford Aerostar van with the back seats removed. I'm pretty happy with the two-part solution. But still, when I see a new V40 drive by. VrooMmmm.

word: fsnebuxx. Hey, I didn't know other people did the WV quote, too!
Joke said…
HA! Another Alfa nut. You've seen mine already, so unless you wanna see it again or the other Alfa (the one I am rebaying eventually), ask.