I'm it

A meme from Jo.
Who has been under the weather and busy busy busy.
I never get tagged...I like to do memes sometimes, but I hate tagging people. So I hope it's okay, but I'm not tagging.

so, anyway.

She wants my five weird habits. And she says ' keeping in mind that the term habit means that it is something you do repeatedly. A habit is very different from a quirk.'

1. I count the pieces of laundry when I move them from the washing machine to the dryer. I am not always conscious of doing it and sometimes I try to not do it, but I can't help it. It has nothing to do with anything, and it doesn't matter how many pieces there are or aren't. I have told my shrink about it and he did not find it especially important.

2. I cannot sleep without my nightguard. I am a clencher, not a grinder, and have gotten so used to it in my mouth that I can't lie down without it. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had it with me during the day as I will find myself clenching whilst driving.

3. I have lots of good luck charms and insist on pressing them into the hands of my loved ones at certain times.

4. I tend to lend significance to insignificant events and objects.

5. If I am sitting somewhere where there is a tiled floor, I like my feet to be squarely within the tiles - it is important to me that things are symmetrical.

So that's it. It's a little OCD, but this is not news.

And while I did not intend to tag anyone, I will add that if Mary and my adorable Pea
would like to complete this meme - I'd like to read their answers.


Anonymous said…
Those are unique habits. I don't think I have any weird habits - just the run-of-the-mill stuff.
--erica said…
definately unique . I'm sooo boring.
Marcia said…
I count things obsessively, too. I claim it's a sign of high intelligence.
Anonymous said…
Haven't slept without my mouthguard in over 10 years.
*Must have my mouthguard*
Cee said…
I am with you on numbers four and five. I count tiles on public restroom floors. Wierd, I know.
Suse said…
Will ponder, and try to whittle it down to a mere FIVE.

Thanks for tagging, I love to be tagged.

Re number 5. I do that too. And never walk on the cracks in case the crocodiles get me.

Oh, and number 3? Tiny wee silver acorns? (I adore mine).
Clencher here (hand raising)! I clenched through my last mouth guard.
Liz said…
I automatically look for misplaced apostrophes. I'm no editor, but my 4th grade teacher drilled it into our heads, and I cannot let go of that habit.
Anonymous said…
You are certainly unique. But then we already knew that.
Anonymous said…
Counting laundry, I do the same sort of thing when doing most mundane tasks, refilling water bottles for the greenhouse, burying tulip bulbs, etc. I do it without thinking. Keeps my mind form wandering I guess.

Thanks for playing!