wolves and lambs

First I am going to tell you a story about the film Dances With Wolves.

For a number of years after my brothers and I were adults, my parents lived in a distant city.
My father accepted a position there and they had a big big house with rooms for my brothers and I, as well as my children, to visit them. They flew us all back and forth with great regularity and we all enjoyed the city they lived in.
But there were, obviously, some weekends my parents spent alone, in the distant city. And on some of those weekends, they would rent a pile of movies and watch them.
One monday morning, my dad called me to tell me about their movie watching weekend.
They had watched Dances With Wolves, he told me.
He had liked it a lot.
It was long though, and about three quarters of the way through it he was confused, he turned to my mother and asked her where the cannibal was.
She just looked at him.
And Jodie Foster, he wondered out loud, wasn't Jodie Foster supposed to be in this movie?
No, my mother told him, Jodie Foster isn't in this movie.
Well, what was the movie with Jodie Foster and a cannibal and wolves?!
Do you mean Silence of the Lambs? My mother offered...
Wolves! Lambs! what do I know?! My father replied.

Priceless isn't it?
(my mother tells it much better, but she doesn't have a blog)

So, last night we were channel surfing and I saw a chunk of Dances With Wolves.
I just thought I'd mention that I really like this movie.
It's not really the kind of movie one would think I would like, but I do.
Except the sweeping violin music that pervades it. That I could do without.
But it's a good feel bad/sad kind of movie.
Except for Kevin Costner's voice over -- which is kind of meh.

I love the part when Stands With A Fist comes to the teepee to speak with John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) for the first time. She has not spoken english in so long that it is difficult for her.
It's very well done.
The subtle and evocative work done by the actors playing native americans is just so good.
I am sure it is the first film I ever saw from the perspective of the native americans.

And at the end? When Wind In His Hair is on top of the mountain screaming down to Dunbar:

I am Wind In His Hair.
Do you see that you’re my friend?
Do you see that I will always be your friend?*

That just gets me every time.
Sometimes, when I am leaving someone, or finishing a conversation, I just want to shout that

Do you see that you are my friend? Do you see that I will always be your friend?

so that everyone around us can hear me say it.

*here is a terrific link to a couple of guys discussing movie scenes that made them cry.


Suse said…
I like that.

A lot.
quilter said…
I just saw this movie for the first time about two weeks ago. I was home alone and wanting something for background noise while I worked on something. But then I actually started watching it and was mesmerized for the whole time. Me, who hates almost anything Kevin Costner is in. It was wonderful and the scene you describe at the end had the hair standing up on my arms.

I like to think they lived. though I know it's only a movie.
Badger said…
My extreme hatred of Kevin Costner keeps me from enjoying this movie at all.

I will never recover from Waterworld. NEVER.
Anonymous said…
Although Kevin Costner has tried to ruin it for me with every movie he has made since, Dances with Wolves is still one of my all-time favorites. Haven't seen it in years, though.
Anonymous said…
I totally am a sucker for D.W.W. That scene totally gets me as well. I still dig Costner from Bull Durham and now Upside of Anger, so they cancel out Waterworld for me.

P.S. Thanks for the well wishes. They make me smile like no other :)
BabelBabe said…
oh Waterworld wasn't sooooo bad. : ) Now, Tin Cup - that was bad. But Bull Durham and DWW also cancels out my Kevin hatred. He's so damn sexy in Bull Duham. I also liked him in Field of Dreams, come to think of it.

This post made me think of the "other" Native American movie -Last of the Mohicans. When Daniel Day Lewis says to Madeline Stowe, "Stay alive! Whatever happens. I will find you!" I get goosebumps, my knees to jelly, and I cry. All at once.

Ah, the power of film.
Anonymous said…
That last scene in Dances with Wolves still makes me cry and I've seen it a hundred times.
Anonymous said…
I am so emabarrassed to admit that I actually own the soundtrack to DWW, and love that score...I will sign anonymouse
jak said…
I love your folks...i like this post..

on sat. i was getting a pedi at a new nail salon that just opened and Silence of the lambs was on the big screen-I wonder-will i go back...
Joke said…
The only KC film I can stand is Fandango although Silverado was not excruciating.

And I must admit, the idea of Jodie Foster and a cannibal emerging 2/3 of the way through DWW made me laugh mightily.

kilowatthour said…
way to make me cry, bb.
Jess said…
Babelbabe - I believe it's "no matter what occurs, I will find you" that he shouts in Last of the Mohicans. My family used to use that line ALL the time.

I can't remember if I've seen DWW - maybe just part of it.

I might have to adopt "Do you see that I will always be your friend?" That's a good one.
BabelBabe said…
oh god, jess you're right. how embarrassing.
blackbird said…
I love it when you guys talk amongst yourselves.
Badger said…
Crap, I forgot about Fandango. Well, that was before he started sucking the joy out of everything. I call an exemption there.
Karan said…
I loved this movie too...so much so that when it FINALLY became available as a video (through McDonalds no less) I bought it right away and popped it in to show my 5 year old son. It wasn't so well received because I completely forgot that so much of it was in Lakota and I had to read the whole thing to him. It sort of ruined the whole cultural effect.
Karan said…
I just read all of the comments on Thinklings and I have to add a movie moment that melts me every time....the funeral scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral....the part where Matthew recites the John Donne poem for Gareth.
Luckily Dances came before most of those other movies.

I'm practically weeping reading this. Ach! I've got to watch that movie again.
Anonymous said…
I liked Dances with Wolves, too. I just had a hard time with both of the main characters' hairdo's. They were straight out of a modern day Malibu California hair salon. Both of them. But other than that, the movie was so well done.
Anonymous said…
i love that last line in dances with wolves
I was wondering if anyone knows how to say it is lakota
if you do or know where it is email me