show and tell: addiction

All that attention from those nice Michele people is quite a heady business.
What is especially fetching is the fact that people left comments.
I have been linked by a couple of other big bloggers before (she says casually gazing at her fingernails) but those readers didn't often say hello.
So. That was Nice.
But don't you worry my little Jans and Jos and Jaks and Jen(nifers),
I know from whence I have come. And it is you, you little Sue and Suse and Loretta, you, who have made me...uhh...what I am today.
Linked readers tend not to stick around anyway -- so we'll see.

On to show and tell!
Now. I have shown you the afrin, which, happily, I am not presently using.
I had thought it was this...


and in particular, today's beverage


a decaf grande iced vanilla latte. But I change my drink all the time. Around november I like a decaf grande two pump toffee nut latte. In december I switch to a decaf grande two pump gingerbread latte -- when I have a sore throat a chai latte hits the spot. This winter I am going to work on the whole chantico thing --

But... addicted?

Not especially.


You are looking at it.

It's the blog.

I cannot stop. I am consumed. I am smitten.
It has touched my life in a way that I can not really put into words -- which is odd, because, as you all know, I have no trouble blathering on about any number of topics.

It's the blog.

And the friends I have met here.

I am hopelessly addicted.
And I thank you.


Suse said…
You are welcome.

- Suse.
(Still reeling over the fact that there's a coffee called Pumpkin Spice Latte. That's not a coffee, that's a novelty drink. You Americans are so ... odd sometimes).

PS. Mine's up.
Jess said…
'mazing, isn't it?

How's Youngest? Is he up to tapioca and applesauce now? Would he like those mousse yogurts?

My verification word this morning is 'zbyrd', which of course, stands for THE BIRD.

Black, that is!
BabelBabe said…
no, no, thank you.

mine's up, too. my first show-and-tell. i'm so excited.

it was easy - more than tea, more than my blog, more than anything except maybe my kids, and then only on a good day...
Anonymous said…
I love Starbucks' drinks, but I recently saw one of those evening news magazines go around and purchase decaf coffees at major chains, then have them tested for the amount of caffeine-Starbucks might as well have been regular brewed coffee. How dissappointing!
craziequeen said…
Hi blackbird - mmm I can smell the coffee from over here!

Just nipped over from Michele's!

utenzi said…
Michele sent me over to look in on your birdhouse. Nice digs!

I can't drink coffee since it does all sorts of nasty things to my lower GI track. Ewww! But I like the smell of it after brewing--but not the beans themselves--so I just sniff it every so often. And I agree with you, blogging is more addictive.
Susie Sunshine said…
I'm a Vanilla Latte too, only venti. ALWAYS with the venti.
What IS THE POINT if it's decaf?!

Chai tea makes me happy too.

I have too many addictions to list. That is sort of sad when I think about it.
Anonymous said…
The journal is my addiciton. No photo of it but you can fill your screen with it.

BTW, very funny comment over at Susie's.
jenny said…
You, with your double pump (???) pumpkin pie/gingerbread - you make me want to like coffee.

I'm up.
Marie said…
I'm addicted to blogging as well and I'm afraid that with the arrival of winter...I'm in for troubled times.
jak said…
Gosh, that's such a coincidence-I'm addicted to your blog too!!

And your welcome-and Thank you!!!-

My addiction is up-Have a geart friday BB
Anonymous said…
Can't believe that I agreed to share my addictions, but I have. Pumpkin Spice Latte would qualify as one of my addictions, but we don't have a Starbucks within 15 miles so I had to detox.....
Congrats on the Michele site of the day. Well deserved, well deserved :)
Sandy said…
Ahh, I to am addicted to blogging and Starbucks. For me is a venti Mocha with a shot of peppermint. YUM!
I'm not original, but I'm up.

I totally agree with you on the blog thing. It is also one of my biggest addictions, along with warm baths in the evening, pasta, and hot guys named Dan.
bon said…
my addiction is now posted in all it's shameful glory.
Elan Morgan said…
Thank you for being addicted.
Jess said…
Blatently stealing from BabelBabe, but then it's just one of those things we have in common.

Mine's up, plus an extra addiction that I witnessed this morning...
Badger said…
I'm up. As is my addiction(s) post.
Angela said…
Here's hoping you never Bonaduce yourself into rehab for your addiction!
halloweenlover said…
Thank YOU Blackbird! I'm so happy to hear that you are addicted to blogging! It'll make sure you never leave us : )

I'm up also although my addiction seems rather tame.
Anonymous said…
Can I post a comment on an old (not the most current) blog? Is it done? I didn't feel it was appropriate to post this on the Survivor blog. I live in California and was visiting someone at Cedar Sinai Hospital, whose surroundance has the some of the best shopping in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. There's a Camper store, lo and behold. I've been trying to find those shoes that you showed us a few months ago; the ones you got when you were in Europe, I believe. Anyway,ever since you graced us with the image of those shoes, I've been looking for them, without success. I went into the Camper store and found those very shoes in my size. I also bought another little bootie kind of shoe that I'm very pleased with. Keep the px coming. Robin
Anonymous said…
I share your addiction. I've got a monkey on my back!I'm jonesin' for some blogging time! Ok, I'm out of drug references here. Blackbird, I'm glad you came to visit my journal a while back, and then I visited you, and now we visit back and forth a lot. You are awesome.
blackbird said…

The red little boot like shoes?
I hope so!

just be careful what you where them with...esp around christmas time...

good work...I am smiling.
Anonymous said…
BB - Yes. Those. The Camper site is hard to navigate, at least for me. And they didn't have those shoes, so I looked elsewhere online with no luck. So when I saw the Camper store, I thought, they won't have those little shoes because BB bought them a long time ago and she bought them in another country. But there they were. I'm not exactly addicted, but once I set my mind on something, ... Sometimes, after I procure the thing I've set my mind to, I'm disappointed because it's not all that I'd hoped for or thought it was. Not this time.
Jennifer said…
I think that we are all addicted to our blogs :) Especially so if we are here every week playing Show and Tell :)

I'm late. I completely forgot that it was Friday. Infact I fogot yesterday was thursday and I missed out on my thursday thirteen. But luckily I remembered it was Friday before it was no more. :) Mine will be up in a few seconds!

Have a great weekend!
molly said…
Pumpkin spice latte?!?!?! Can't believe I'm missing out on that. SOB!
kilowatthour said…
oh, you're the greatest.

coffee most certainly is my addiction, or one of them anyway. i have a word of warning, though. if starbucks tries to resurrect the eggnog latte around christmastime, do not--i repeat, DO NOT--let this liquid pass your lips. it tastes like burning.