They have finished the construction at my Target, thank heavens.
I'm not getting the new floor plan - one enters sort of in between groceries and accessories. And all the departments have shifted 180 degrees. I didn't try it but it looks like one might be able to do their grocery shopping there now - minus the produce and meat.

Since I spent the day cooking, cleaning and laundering yesterday, I thought I'd hit Target today.
Ostensibly, I went to get gifts for the child we chose from the church mitten tree but you know I had no problem doing other shopping as well.


...Soda and lightbulbs (for the porch)and q-tips.
Hair color and soap. Birthday cards and mailing sleeves.



Thought I'd try the Method floor wash, shower gel and picked up some holiday handsoap for the downstairs bath. Gift wrap and tape, some stocking stuffers and a cute tank top for my niece.

And for our mitten tree girl?


I asked K to choose a girl child and a teenage girl if there was one.
Members of the church choose a paper mitten from a christmas tree with information about a needy child written on it and then buy a gift for that child.
With a house full of boys, I like to shop for a girl, and as teenage girls (I think) love to get handbags or make-up or jewelry, I have fun deciding what to buy.

While I shop I try to imagine what she is like... who she is and if she'll like what I choose.
I bought her: a black leather handbag with silvery chain handles, a gorgeous white glittery scarf with a matching hat and soft delicate mittens. To go with these I chose a three strand silvery necklace with crystal and filigree beads.
I had a great time buying them.
These gifts often turn out to be the most satisfying to shop for.
I wish I could see her receive them...


Elan Morgan said…
Look lady, I'm hormonal today, and I already teared up over the World Vision Christmas catalogue, so I did not need to imagine some young woman getting such beautiful things simply because there are nice people in the world. I cry because people are nice! Help!
Anonymous said…
Yup! I dropped off my Operation Christmas Child shoebox a few weeks ago. I hope the stuff I filled it with will be wanted. I kept praying to buy the right things.

Guy & I don't have children. But, we get to take lists off of trees and fill shoeboxes. Last year, we bought the most adorable outfits. The best score was a cherry red boiled wool sweater. I hope the little girl liked it.
halloweenlover said…
Oh, she is going to LOVE them. What beautiful gifts! Perfect for a teenage girl!

Do let us know about the floor cleaner. I'm intrigued.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to butt in, but I use Ecover floor soap on my floors, and it works great. If you're interested, you can find it at ediblenature.com
Anonymous said…
I was wondering, do they make "Method Personal Lubricant?" these things keep me up at night. Maybe I'll ask next trip to tarjay
Carol said…
I work with teenage girls everyday. You NAILED it. She'll love everything! (unless she's a jock. Sorry, just thought of that. DOn't see a lot of jocks with glittery anything!)
sueeeus said…
I think your special girl will be very happy. Very nice choices. I love Target!!!
Susie Sunshine said…
What a fun package for a girl, love the matchiness.

I also love that your lotion and floor scents will be matchy. Why didn't I think of that?!
Suse said…
How fun that you got to shop for a girl.

Am also jealous that your Target shops have groceries!
sara said…
You're very generous. It's great to be able to go Target, buy a bunch of cute things, and still feel virtuous because THEY'RE FOR OTHER PEOPLE. I can't ever get out of Target without buying something but at least if it's a gift, I don't feel guilty.
Anonymous said…
you have such a beautiful heart bb.
Anonymous said…
Lemme know how the Method stuff is. I *almost* bought it the other night, but didn't.

Love Target.