orthodontic incidents, survivor, and show and tell

Oh my.
Of course the dental visit was not uneventful.
As he was beginning to install the braces, the orthodontist found a cavity. On Youngest's front tooth. I don't think I can type WTF boldly enough. I had Youngest at the dentist two weeks ago and he got a clean, um tooth check up. You should have seen my face when the ortho said we've got a bit of a problem here as he was installing the very beginnings of the structure. BECAUSE WE ALWAYS HAVE A BIT OF A PROBLEM.
So. Half the braces done, we scramble to get an appointment with the dentist to fill the tooth.
I take him back to school for a few minutes to get his things (I had thought he would spend the day back at school, but nooooo.) He lost part of an assignment. Much stamping through the halls of the school that is the size of a giant airport and we decide to email the teacher. Another fire put out.
Later (after the usual busyness here at home) we head over to the dentist for the filling. It's not just one cavity, in one of his front teeth, it's two! One in each front tooth! And so, this is a tedious process, which he is remarkably good during -- well, high, but good, as she must numb up the front of his face and drill and fill his two front teeth. It was a pressure-cooker situation as the minutes ticked toward the orthodontist office closing, just as she was smoothing out the second filling, she dislodged a tiny bit of it and had to drill it out and start over -- but we made it back there (7pm) for the rest of the braces.
Youngest was a trooper as I dragged him to and fro. But by the time I got him home he was much worse for wear.
I will say that starbucks makes a vanilla bean cream blend thing, with whip and caramel on top that makes an 11 year old with extensive dental work slightly more comfortable.

I'll show you my bed which I originally just pulled out of the air as this week's show and tell but which, now? I'm thinking is just fine even if some people don't want to play because it is too personal or whatever. Some people never have photos. Whatever. I am a flickr pro and I am getting my $25 worth. Herewith, my bed. And why I love it.


I love it because K built it. In our driveway. With power tools. V sexy.
I love it with deep red flannel sheets and cozy blankets and down pillows.
I adore the thing under the sheet but over the pillowtop mattress. It is a sheep wool thing that K had sent from New Zealand when he was there. He was on a big long trip and sent us all kinds of wondrous objects -- coins and candy from all over the world, pictures of monkeys sitting on the roof of his car, necklaces carved from white stuff. And one day he called, all excited, to tell me that he was sending a sheep skin for our bed. Now, I was in a bit of a fog, I will admit - but if your husband called and told you he was sending a sheepskin for your bed
I guarantee that you would not of think this --
the goods
oooooh no.
You'd be thinkin this,
fur bedspread
and I, to tell you the truth, was a wee bit nervous during the 8 weeks it took to arrive here.
But. It is, in fact, the item pictured first...and it is heaven. It goes under the fitted sheet and gives a tired person the feeling of gently sinking into the first 6 inches of the bed. Or even a not tired person. So there ya go.

With all this other stuff out of the way, I will, whether you want me to or not, update you on last night's episode of survivor.
Margaret went home and I liked her. Judd is all smug and defensive about his behavior, which sucked. Mom is thinking it's time for a merge. But I am hoping against hope that there will be no merge. That this time, in a huge twist, they have decided to never merge the teams -except I am too tired to think this through to see if it is even possible to have one person win this way.
It's day 16 and everyone has abrasions. Many shots of scabs. People are sitting around cataloging injuries and speaking of festering sores which I see none of. I see SCABS people. I would be showing them off, strutting around, all proud and tough -- like I am with my c-section scar.
There was a slightly ingenious fabric spooling challenge which I first thought was just stupid. But after people were spinning around and teams were falling and walking like drunken sailors I liked it. The reward? Not so much. I mean, I like chocolate as much as the next girl but I felt a little queasy at the prospect of gorging on it. And the zip line ride? That's a challenge not a reward.
We noticed that Jeff was a little snippy when he said Nakum? I got nothin for ya! and I keep forgetting to look at his hair...
How cute was it that Nakum was playing cards? with leaves!
And that the blue team invited them over for a pool party?
And shared their chocolate?
I thought it was great.
And was annoyed that Nakum members were dubious about it.
This whole episode was cut for Amy. I loved her teasing Gary. I love her accent. I love that she is not skinny.
I loved the puzzle challenge too. Brains and brawn.
But why did it have to be Amy? Why not Dani? What did we not see that made Amy the logical choice to be voted out. Just as I was bemoaning her loss --MERGE!
Damn those survivor people...another great twist.


Anonymous said…
Poor youngest! What a day! (Poor Mom...)
That sheepy undersheet looks wonderful. May have to send M to New Zealand.
Survivor: With the recent vote-offs, it's hard to know who to root for. To quote someone, GAH!
Suse said…
Those sheepy 'underlays' (that's the jargon) are glorious but horrendously expensive. (Although probably not with the Tuvalu-New Zealand exchange rate.)

I have always wanted one, and in fact over the past few months have found two single bed ones in op shops. So two of my children are snug, but sadly I haven't found a double bed size one for us yet.

(I do like your red pillows).
Badger said…
Youngest is a trouper. If that had been the boy child, he would have required general anesthesia. Or maybe just a taser or something.

I am so sad that Amy's gone. She was my pick to win. But I would have cried bitter tears if they had voted off Bobby Jon. I am now rooting for ... anyone except Judd, Jamie and Steph. Those three need to get the hell off my TV.
jenny said…
Youngest is tougher than most...I would need to borrow Badger's taser for my boy.(Aside: Thank you Badger for the much needed laugh, tough day today) He used to hide under the chair because he hated the flouride. sheesh.

The bed is beautiful, K is a craftsman. And the sheepy thing? Devine.

Sad to see my fellow Massgirl go. Look out Gary Hawkins...she's comin' after ya. Have they never thought to make cards before this? What with all of the laying around I would've thought that would be one of the first things you'd do.

Steph is losing a bit of allure as she is no longer a super hero but Rafe, I'm loving Rafe.
halloweenlover said…
Poor Youngest! He is SUCH a trooper. I would have been hysterical with all of that at 11. Does he look cute with braces, though?

I am in love with your bed! #1, because K made it and that IS very sexy. #2, because it is gorgeous. #3, because I love red.

My most favorite part of this, though, is that K would send you gifts the whole time he was away. The image of you and the boys waiting for presents to arrive in the mail that represented little bits of his journey made me feel so lovely. Very sweet.

I'll be posting my bed in a minute! YAY!
jak said…
I think Youngest deserves another one of those frappa drinkies from the SB- what a good sport- poor little guy and poor you too-

Your bed is wonderful-K is really talented- he could quit his day job if he wanted too- I love that your bed has such wonderful memories tied to it-I love your bedding set-I thinks it's
Ralph-Baby (lauren) and I have pined over it for years

Thank you for the offer to have a reprive from todays Show and Tell-but fairs fairs and we play on fridays-so mines up..

Have a nice weekend Blackbird-I'll let you know how my jim's doing- today is the hair cut too and I think it's going to shock him:(
Anonymous said…
Poor youngest--as has been said but REALLY! cavities in one's two front teeth? in the middle of braces application? I wonder if dentists miss those in the front because they're unusual (total guess) and if maybe they came about due to inhaler usage? As a fellow asthmatic, I jump to my steroid paranoia. But w/o the steroids, could I ride my bike 200 miles? probably not.

Oh braces. It is good to get them over with in adolescence and have a nice mom to help manage the pain though.
jenny said…
I am up with the show and tell. With a bonus of a completely depressing post.
christa said…
bobby jon actually brought tears to my eyes when he was voting amy out and said, "you're one of the most real people i've ever met. ever."

i was sad to see amy go, too. i would totally buy a ticket to see her kick hogeboom's ass when she gets confirmation that he was an NFL'er. maybe that'll happen on the reunion show.
Anonymous said…
Oh my god, that not-the-real-sheepskin is hideous! I'm so glad it turned out to be the first picture. And also I am in love with your bed. The fact that it was made in your driveway WITH POWER TOOLS just seals the deal.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I can't manage to get a picture up today. Hey, does that sheepskin thing make the bed hot, or just soft?
So you just wanted to show off your super cool romantical hubby-hand-crafted bed. (Did you know that romantical and romantic are interchangeable - also tragic and tragical? I choose to add the "al" because the Backstreet Boys do in their so-deep-and-complex-that-they-make-no-sense song lyrics. I think I will post about this some day.)

My bed is made.
Anonymous said…
Can youngest share some intestinal fortitude (courage) with Tommy?
Lovely bed and even more so because K. made it.
Jennifer said…
Whew! Okay now that I finished watching Survivor I'm here to look at your beautiful bed. Very nice K very very nice. The sheep skin cover sounds lovely.

Oh that poor child. I hate dental work, and he had the works today for sure. Good luck!
robiewankenobie said…
those survivor folks have nothing on you, the big weenies. they would have folded at "cavity."

i, am a lover of homework assignments. i took some very nice shots of my bed last night. of course, i forgot my camera at home. which was okay, because i um, just picked up my cord at work to bring home with, uh, me...oh, drat. so, show and tell sunday work for you?
Are those red pillow cases flannel or suede. They look like moleskin, very soft and cushy. Can I have them? It's a little late, but I published mine today. By the way, I like that comment last week suggesting a show and tell with our underwear drawer. Could be very telling.
Since I have a real aversion to doctor visits of any kind, and most, nay all of mine and my family's, end up in much frustration, I can totally empathize with your and youngest's recent dental fiasco. Reading your post I got the feeling that you handled the situation with much more calmness and finess than I would have. I would either have been furious or crying by the time it was over. You deserve a prize for your reserve.