zatoichi (redux)

(I originally posted this in 2004. Now I can add the film clip so that you can appreciate it.)

My darling dear husband likes to watch movies. But. He has very specific taste. He likes foreign films -- especially if there is a chance that the occasional breast may be exposed. He likes "shoot em ups" --especially if there is a damsel in distress. He enjoys science fantasy. He is something of a star wars geek (but not like those guys who dress up and go to conventions). He will even fall, every once in a while, for a chick flick. I guess that doesn't seem so specific now that I have listed them.
Saturday he sat down --okay, actually we were in our bed and it was only about 9:00 -- and began watching Zatoichi.
Lots of killing with spraying blood (spraying cgi blood if you must get technical) and grunting and corpses.
Sooo, I decided to read a bit, which was kind of hard because that book, Old School, that I was supposed to be reading for book club BITES, and because I was getting a wee bit sleepy.
We both fell asleep.

The entire cast of said Japanese slasher movie TAP DANCING.

We looked at each other in amazement, looked at the television in amazement, and promptly shut it off and slept till morning.

The next day, K mentions that he is going to have to finish watching that movie cause, he's not sure, but he thinks it ended with a musical number...and whaddya know, IT DOES.


Anonymous said…
yeah...what K watched was a remake of zatoichi, the original and there are many sequels, don't end in musical numbers, and there is no cgi blood, though there is alot of blood. they are in fact black and white.

classic japanese martial arts about a blind swordsman. higly reccomended, the wife's (the martial artist) favorite series.

Badger said…
Holy crap, they are totally tap dancing in those wooden platform sandaly things! I'm all agape over here.
robiewankenobie said…
friggin' youtube is the best internets invention evah!
MsCellania said…

I kept waiting for Michael Flatley to vault himself into the center...

Well, now it's gone all Slo-Mo. Oy, my aching plantar faciitis.
Anonymous said…
Memoirs of a tap-dancing geisha?
Anonymous said…
Just so you all know, I did know of the original B&W series before the remake. Watched it al the time on Samurai Saturday's and the library has the series on DVD. Like the series a lot. The remake was good up until they turned it into some sort of tap dancing acid trip.

Lewis said…
Kinda like a "Yellow Riverdance"

I know its not PC, but why start now.
kilowatthour said…
that certainly is... something.
Anonymous said…
Have you watched The Happiness of the Katakuris? A Japanese musical about serial killers - yes, really.