checking in at the end of 2017

It's been a very busy year...I helped with the planning, designing, and building of office space for 140 people and then helped with the move. I lived in the office space for the last four days, working around the clock. I loved it all. Construction and fine-tuning continued for a month or two. And we are finally settled in. But then I planned and threw an open house/holiday party for 300 people.
I'm tired of making decisions and making things beautiful.
Mixed in there was a gorgeous trip to Positano with my sweetheart, a book fair in London, one in Italy, one in Germany, and one in New York. I've traveled a lot - making decisions and making things beautiful.
We did Thanksgiving for 20 in our tiny house - it went well and we love having leftovers.
I'm trying to keep Christmas low-key but we'll go to New Jersey for dinner and to my FAOA's house. Youngest is moving out to an apartment with his girl.
It could be that I don't have the energy to be sad about that but I think it's that I'm so excited for them as they shop and plan and draw floor plans that there is no room for sadness. It's so wonderful and I'm so thrilled for both of them.
And Oldest has a wonderful girlfriend - a grown-up girlfriend who has proven to be an extraordinary influence in his life.
And my K has had a busy work-year.
My Middle is struggling a bit but has a good head and I think he'll find his way.

I suppose, if you're even here, that you've been looking at my Instagram. It's so easy to click a photo and express myself that I'm afraid I've gotten a little lazy. And this world, this blog world has gotten so different. At a friend's party last night someone asked if I was the friend who had blogged in the early days of blogging, and I suppose I was. It was a wonderful, honest and sincere community and I've made wonderful friends with lots of people...which brings me to 2018.
I'm traveling to Chicago in February to see Poppy and Angie and Wendy  - a wonderful thing to look forward to.
I hope you are all well and wish you all good things for the new year.



Susie Sunshine said…
Your superpower is making things beautiful: outfits, writing, homes, life experiences, people. And even if they aren't beautiful, you have the ability to make a person feel valuable and lovely. Thanks for being so generous with that gift, sunshine.

I cannot even remember how I stumbled across your blog oh so long ago, but I am ever so glad I did.
Paola said…
Yes, I am So thankful I found you through your blog. How else would I ever have found you? Yes, let's celebrate your blog, your skills, your lovely self and family. Best of everything to you all for 2018!
Kamsarmer said…
Have not yet become an Instagram-er, but love to find your words whenever you feel like putting them here. I’m toying with reviving my blog to coincide with our return to the desert; Tucson this time! Be well and enjoy your holidays and your family. Write when it pleases you to do so; that pleases many of us.
Oh BB, I think back to when you were first thinking of going back to work - look at all you've learned, accomplished, and completed!

Merry Christmas to your lovely family. Let's get together again in the New Year!
Anonymous said…
I have been wondering what's up in your world--so glad to read your update. Congratulations on all the good things and I am in awe of what you've accomplished. Even planning ONE big trip this year wiped me out mentally. Decisions are taxing. Moving an entire office, THEN planning the open house? I mean, OBVIOUSLY you have the skills, creativity and detail-brain but that's no small task. I hope you have a cozy spot to sit and something nice to drink while you relax over the holiday break. Merry Christmas and Happy 2018, bb! Love to you from the midwest (where is is below zero and white).
Anonymous said…
I am following on insta, but I love it here so much. You're my first blog!

xo an happy new year to all--you, K, Oldest, Middle and Youngest. May your 2018 be filled with good cheer.