It's true. I rely on Instagram to document what I used to write about here. I'm lazy and busy all at once.
It's the long holiday weekend after which K and I will fly to Italy.
We still need to shop as K is planning to make Japanese food for Paola. We have some tricky packing to plan as we will bring food with us, but we are experts at this kind of thing.
I'm having a wonderful time listening to The Hot Flush podcast that my friend (our friend) Kim does.
Don't I sound so modern? Listening to a podcast? Well, don't get excited - it takes a long time for me to figure out to get it to play on my laptop.
I've got a new laptop - well, two laptops actually as we ALL got laptops at work, but I got a new home laptop too as my wee little MacBook Air doesn't really charge properly anymore.  They've got me a swell new MacBook. Not a Pro, just a MacBook and it's wee tiny as well and has a very sleek keyboard.

I had an extraordinary facial last week, gifted to me by a particular lady in a particular department to which I devoted a little extra care during the move. I'd love to say that I have regular facials but I do not. As I'm not presently getting my hair cut and the cost is close to the same amount, I might sign up for some (that's how my finance brain works) but it's not because I have a luxurious lifestyle but because I have (sadly) been battling rosacea which we ALL know is incurable. I tried two different creams on my own after much research to no avail and was fortunate enough to end up, last week, in the capable hands of the experts at Mario Badescu. I had always liked Mario Badescu products. I had, in fact, been introduced to them by the very same lady a couple of years ago. But this rosacea issue seemed insurmountable.
(Am I boring you yet?) Never mind. I'm doing much better with a not-so-terrible investment made in quality products under their direction.

Here are some wonderful links to get us off the topic of my face:

Would you like to listen to my friend Tyrrell Mahoney? Go ahead, she's terrific.

How about some pampering? (I'm not up to pampering quite yet. I'm still in rescue mode.)

I kind of want this car.

Don't put this in your mouth.

Miss Moss falls off my list every now and then but she's on it now (reading list, that is).

I might have to make this.

Watching this.

And some of these.

After all the Diana programs of late I have found myself looking here.

I have a lot of things from Everlane but am anxiously awaiting their jeans as I really don't wear jeans and am hoping theirs are comfortable and am pleased that they are $68. You may think $68 is expensive - and I do too as I have, in the past, worn $30 jeans from Old Navy, but compared to $250 jeans they may be a great alternative.

Will I? Won't I? I've contemplated having sandals or loafers made in Positano on trips in the past. Will I bite the bullet this time? I just don't know.

Watch for me on Instagram. I'll be all about the gelato, the beach, and spending some time with my darling K and pal Paola.



Anonymous said…
Happy travels to Italy!
Cate said…
What is your instagram I'd? I'm sure you've said, but I can't find it right now....
blackbird said…
You can see my instagram photos at merleb17.
Paola said…
Guess what? I have been lazy and didn't check your blog either. And now we're together, here. I can hug you and talk to you, smile with you and laugh. It is absolutely fantastic!