The move behind me, I'm trying to focus on what's ahead of me...

Our 35th wedding anniversary; we'll go out for dinner, and then to Italy.

An open house party at the office which I'll plan and coordinate.

Traveling to Frankfurt in October, which takes some early planning.

I'm only a little shackled by punch-lists and inspections and finalizing details at our new office but it sure is swell.

My commute is just a little longer, but I come out of the subway to this:


the Oculus.

The views are extraordinary-


That's St. Paul's.


That's the "Canyon of Heroes" with the harbor beyond.


That's the day I unpacked the (new) kitchen things.


We have a beautiful spot to eat in and space to lounge around.


If I can remember, I'll take a photo of my workstation. We all have workstations now, not that I mind.

I have links too!

I walk a lot.

Creative women have uniforms.

Don't you love behind-the-scenes videos?

I love weather, as you know.

I never use exclamation points. This is an interesting insight.


Thank you, Australia.

Oh god.

People are awesome, thank you Kottke.

I've spoken to our friend Scot! Scot = longtime commenter/excellent good blog friend/all-around tremendous human! He's even cooler on the phone.

We're having my best move buddy to dinner tonight so I'm off to tidy up.
Happy weekend, all.


Paola said…
Your links are always so cool! And yes, I use exclamation points. Not always, but a lot. :)
Green Girl said…
That is one amazing office space and some fantastic views. But the idea of moving and entire workspace (I did this once, when my old district built a new high school) makes me tired just to think about it. No small chore, that.
Congratulations on 35 years! Plus Italy, that is a sweet way to celebrate.
Oh, those links--I have the exact same inner dialogue about exclamation points--and I have tried to tone them down, but then I think and over think and there you go.
So many different ways to walk--I kept watching only to see what he'd come up with next.
I ascribe to uniforms, it's liberating. Did you know Oscar Wilde's wife was part of that wardrobe movement back in the day?
That comedienne reminds me of one of my best friends, not the way she looks, but the delivery and gestures were exactly how she is funny. I sent her the link.
And that creation story is awesome AF. (Though I had to ask Team Testosterone to translate a few things, I am v. old)
Glad to read your update and to see all is well with you.
Unknown said…
I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary (we share it). Hope it was lovely! I am thrilled that you get to go to Italy.

Do you know what image pops into my mind sometimes? The picture you took of "Laundry Day" all spelled out in socks. Seems like such a long time ago! ('cause it was, I guess).