Tomorrow, I head off to work and work straight through to the next week.
I'll be working at an industry event from Wednesday through Sunday, so I've culled some links for you.

Here's how to make sauce.

This is wonderful to watch.

Isn't this a lovely little french press?


Unexpected embroidery.

I am memorizing these poses.

I may have to make this pie.

Let's look at hats at Pippa's wedding.

I'm thinking about these. They look so comfortable and I just realized my Nikes are seven years old and falling apart.

From the same site as the matador's tailor is this story and so many others of note.

Are these the invisible socks I need?

This is a terrific beach tent.

Amazing and a little scary.

Sigh. The queen.

Wish me luck!


NorahS said…
Luck! Hope all goes well!
Paola said…
I hope this move happens quickly!
The Hats. I love the hats!
Now, can you please tell me what language is the tomato man speaking? Dear GOD. I couldn't understand if he was doing the right thing. For real. I apologize on behalf of all Italians.
Scot said…
I've been looking at that French Press for days now, a;though not in pink. The marine one has a cool fade to it. I just don't know if I want to spend that much on something I may not use that often. I also like their 6 oz au gratin dishes. Perfect for pot pies!