And, so, we will go away. In September. To Positano. (My heart is leaping.)
In between?
A huge trade show, the move (I've just been told I am expected to be on site for an entire weekend), a small road trip to visit a friend, Mary and Chuck visiting, managing an event for a family function - all in June and July.
August is quiet though. But the fall is already busy.

Here, some links so we don't feel overwhelmed with the calendar.

I'm considering one of these - did I already write about it? It comes in my size and I swear I'm never doing underwire again. WHY?!

My pillow is dead. What next?

Had a sandwich from here. Died and went to sandwich heaven. Steps away from the new office.

An excellent piece on tailoring for larger men, which you may not find interesting but I appreciate reading about.


Portraits of commuters.


I don't care for camping. This person understands me.

Oldest just sold his car and bought a new (to him) one. We love this. 

Spending some time with this.

Cannot wait to eat here again.

Made me misty. 

How happy I am that the boys are grown? Very happy. So much pressure.


It's beautifully cool out.  I have a busy week ahead of me.
Be well!


Anonymous said…
Mary and Chuck are visiting! Mary and Chuck are visiting!
Paola said…
Didi you walk all around town with Google? (giggling)
Crazy Mom! said…
I camped when I was a kid. Camping for me now involves a nice hotel.

Duyvken said…
I love panini. So much. Now I'm hungry.
kmkat said…
We go camping, sort of -- a tiny motorhome (no sleeping on the ground, no wet tents), at least one meal a day in a restaurant. and in only two places, neither of which have bugs: Big Horn mountains in Wyoming and the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Re: parentlng. I belong to the tail-end of the generation that fed them sometimes. And didn't keep my house nor them scrupulously clean; my boys' immune systems were fully tested in their youth.