it's gin and tonic season

It was 95 degrees yesterday and not much cooler the day before.
Our air conditioners are not in the windows and we sweated it out at night, I tell you.
Middle slept in the basement. All three of my sons have computers that generate enough heat to keep things toasty. 
The heat had me convinced it was summer - but summer is still some time from now, technically.
But K and I have plans to go to Positano in September and these things conflated to convince us to go swimsuit shopping. As a result we are both drinking alcohol and planning our fitness regimes. 
Between you and me, I'm not sure how I'm going to do my part of the fitness regime as I am either workingworkingworking or resting from the working. 
I am so completely consumed by my job that I'm stupid and tired when I get home. Add 95f and I am lost. Useless. 
So I bought a swimsuit and so did K and we will wear them in Italy and try not to think too much about how we look (or how I look) and enjoy ourselves.
The last time we were in Italy, Fabio called and told us we had to come to lunch (again!). K was on the phone with him and I told him to tell Fabio that my bathing suit was getting tight (and I probably weighed at least ten pounds less then). Who cares! said Fabio. And, really, who does care? Certainly no one in Italy. 
Am I going on? 
I'm drinking a gin and tonic.


Paola said…
I am counting the days.