some links for Easter weekend

Are you doing anything for Easter?
We'll clean up our front garden and eat ham.

Would you like some links for the weekend? Of course you would.

Each summer I purchase an inexpensive bracelet. It's my summer thing. If I buy one this year it could be this one.

A heartwarming commercial.

I've posted about him before but he never ceases to amaze.

These appeal to me.

One of the guys introduced me to him. I cannot remember which son it was.

Definitely trying this trick.

Do we need this?

I got some lacrosse balls to massage my hand with (yes, yes, I know) which prompted Middle to show me this. I had no idea.

My pal and I stocked up on some of this great stuff in Italy. We found some at the supermarket!

Isn't this lovely?

Youngest has requested some chicken parm for dinner so I'm off to procure.

Good weekend to you.


NorahS said…
Lovely links, as always! Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend.
sara said…
Whenever you post your links, I always find something I want to buy. Reading your blog is very expensive for me! ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh those bracelets! I didn't want one before but now I do.
Happy Easter to you, too! Your plans and ours sound very similar except we decided to grill steaks and skip ham.
Paola said…
I'd kill for some ham.
L'acqua di rose, one of the oldest products around.
We are still on holiday here, today is Pasquetta.
i love everything you post.