I can't even begin to explain how crazy things have been.
I've been working intensely on our company move, I've been to London and come home with pneumonia, and I leave today for Italy.

We did a lighting test in the new space, we examined furniture for the new space, I answer dozens of questions about the new space. The new space fills much of my time and I love it but it is all-consuming. I'm working with a terrific crew of skilled people.


The weather here switches from spring-like (nearly summer-like) to winter in a matter of hours. All of my outerwear is on constant rotation.

Meanwhile, Oldest and I have switched from this:


(fear not, they were always returned for deposit/recycled)
to this:


It wasn't that we liked the water better, it was the convenience of a narrow-necked bottle. I spent a long time analyzing what it was that I liked about a bottle of water and made an informed choice. So far, so good, and dozens of plastic bottles are no longer part of our lives.

I like writing here but, frankly, don't have the time to examine my thoughts and type them out. I am on instagram if you'd like to see what's happening (merleb17). It's easy and fast to post photos.

I'm staying in a very grand looking hotel in Italy and organizing some events in a beautiful palazzo. Sadly, I won't be there very long and there seems no way for me to see my Paola.

We are busy, we are well (I am nearly over my pneumonia) and though we are not without our stresses, we are happy.
And, in the end, that's all one can ask.


Paola said…
You are a tornado lately. Can't believe you'll be so close and unable to meet. I get it though. Work gets crazier and crazier.
Unknown said…
What an interesting new look!

I will totally follow you on Insta. But I hope, since you were My First Blog, that you will still post here when you can.

Feel better, stay well, and travel safely.


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