Is the Norovirus at your house?
It's a doozy. We've got a supply of bananas, applesauce, ginger ale, and Jello.
So our house is a little crazy and my job is a little crazy (I'm going to London AND Bologna AND moving the company) and I even stopped in at PT last week for a little fine tuning (I have "nerve stress" in my hand).
I'm not even going to mention the state of the union. STRESSFUL.

Let's look at some great links, shall we?

I've planned four events for the Palazzo Isolani in April. Isn't it lovely?

Have I ever mentioned that I'm in love with humidifiers? I am. And I love them even more if I can add essential oil to the mist. Small ones are much easier to take care of, fyi.

I kill plants all the time - actually, that's not really true. The truth is that I've given up on plants. But this makes me think I could grow something.

We watched the season finale (maybe?) of Sherlock a couple of weeks ago and felt confused/manipulated/emotional. This sort of captures it. Or maybe this does.

Following successful leak repair, we're going to have to repaint the kitchen. I'm leaning on the Elton John version of this song rather than the Wizard of Oz version.

There's a new ramen shop near my office. This may be my favorite.

Look! Youngest designed parts of this!
And he was part of the development of this after being at his job only a couple of weeks! He worked with David (Byrne)!

Here's a new favorite.


I love everything about wedding dresses. My niece and god-daughter is a very successful wedding photographer. I'm so proud of her.

Life lessons.

Looking forward to this.

We're having sukiyaki tonight with our archery friends!

Stay healthy!


Paola said…
Everytime you give me links I get overwhelmed, I lose myself in each and every one of them, I ohhh and ahhh and then BAM you give me the final bash. Yet another new dish I never heard of and put on my "must try this!" (but never will)
I adore you
Susie Sunshine said…
So sorry disease descended upon your household. We had the good old-fashioned influenza, the kind you get shots for that don't work.

I love love love the JetBlue creation! Good job, Youngest!
Is it supposed to be for children? Because I'd shove kids right out of the way to get to be the announcer and work that flight simulator game.

Your niece/godchild does great work. I'm glad the talent gene was strong enough in your family tree for everyone to get a generous helping. <3
Anonymous said…
Ah, what exciting projects your family works on!
And lovely, too.
Sherlock had us literally on the edge of our seat. T and B and I adore it. We'll rewatch it and feel less confused.
It was a little manipulative, but in a good way.
Have you seen The Accountant? I don't know your views on Ben Affleck, but we thought the script was v. tight and the whole thing was well-acted.