What a week!
It was Middle's birthday (which was lovely), there was a company crisis (played out on Twitter), I discussed some high-pressure architectural questions (the company I work for is moving), the holidays are looming (shopping mostly done) and then, just when I thought I might put my feet up, I spent a day in the ER with Oldest who will be fine but who was not fine yesterday.
Never mind.
K did some decorating for us and tonight we're going to dinner with friends.
And this is how life moves along, isn't it?

In the meantime I have links...

Sometimes we love Ina Garten.

Sometimes not so much.

Sometimes I do want to do this.

I cannot oversell this. This is our friend Sean's wing sauce. There is nothing in the world like it. It is unbelievably good and has won every award it can win.
Now you can buy it.

I like to go to the airport very early.

Creepy? Not creepy? I'm in love with Hanx.

This is pretty smart.

I'm off to have that meeting with K...the one where I put the Christmas presents on the bed and he says: you don't have enough.
We have enough.



Paola said…
I agree. We have enough.
Loretta said…
Have same meeting with hubs. Only I'm the one saying it's not enough.
kmkat said…
1. I snorted tea out my nose reading the Williams-Sonoma catalog piece.
B. Downside of living way out in the sticks: crap cell phone service; no texting ever. Ask me how I know.
Carol said…
We had a similar meeting at our house on Sat though it always tends to be about the balance in gifts for the children, who are now technically all young adults!
NorahS said…
I have this meeting with myself. We usually have more than enough.
Anonymous said…
This year I finally trusted my gut that we had enough. Turns out we did. Everyone is sated at this moment and I don't expect the feeling to end anytime soon.
Happy Christmas!