I love it when our yard looks like this.


It's cool and crisp outside and cozy inside.

We have a lot to be thankful for: work, a new car, our health.


I have been discharged by my impeccable hand surgeon. There's an awful lot I could write - but I won't. He saved my hand...he and my physical therapist and a trauma team and my K, who did an awful lot to get me through the past couple of years. It was the perfect team.

In the end, one of the things, one of the few things I liked about our last Jeep was the tiny Jeep on the windshield.


It's only about an inch high and I'll bet people drive for years without noticing it and I loved it. There wasn't much else I'll miss about that particular model and our new car has it's own endearing qualities.


Thanks Tiguan, I'll try to remember my phone.
A Tiguan is half tiger/half iguana which, I'm sure, sounded pretty kick-ass to some German team somewhere. I've been delighted to find German paperwork in some of the storage compartments and I like driving it very much. We had terrible visibility problems in our Cherokee and it made me very uncomfortable.
And who doesn't love a new car?

This is a new find too, from the cafe downstairs, which I will miss dearly when we move offices.


It's turkey with swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, mustard and mayo on toasted gluten free bread. Please don't mention the gluten free business, it's not by choice, it's the only bread they have.

Tomorrow we'll be with MFAO aunt and uncle eating till we're stuffed and laughing (no doubt) till we cry.

We are thankful.


Duyvken said…
My C loves both tigers and lizards, perhaps the Tiguan is the car for her. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Paola said…
Look at that wonderful teensy Jeep!
I'm so glad you are enjoying your new car though.
My dad, though, would leave his phone in the car (as he ALWAYS does) even with the reminder. No doubt.