it's Tuesday, here are some links

I'm caring for my mom as she recovers from a hospital stay. We're doing okay but it's tiring for both of us. Hoping for some good news and assistance from her doctor today.
But let's not dwell. Let's explore.

Could this be? Could it possibly be a comfortable bra? I know it's expensive but underwire kills me. I hate it. How I wish this was the answer. Oh, Land Of Women, hear my plea. Send me one (34dd) and I shall sing your praises endlessly...if it turns out well.

Now, these are some solar panels I could get behind.

On Losing a Dad rings so true. My dad died on Halloween 23 years ago, while I was pregnant with Youngest.

This is what K should be doing for a living. Imagine the joy of doing this? He'd love it.

Remember, while you watch this, that Aretha (in this video) was 22. What were you doing when you were 22?

Kim France has found the very best advent calendars. I'm torn.

Take a stunning tour of the international space station. I found it relaxing...but all those white parcels astound me a little.

I am the world's worst sock shopper. Seriously. My children always had ill-fitting terrible looking socks and I don't do much better for myself. I hate socks. But this has me thinking.

Charlie is inspiring.


Paola said…
You bring us only wonderful things to watch, to listen, to think about. This blog is a treasure chest!
Crazy Mom! said…
There are cool socks here

Hope your mom is doing better - and you & K too!
Duyvken said…
My mum is in hospital at the moment. 4 weeks so far... I hope your mom feels stronger soon.
And I can't walk about socks, I fail terribly in that department. Why is it so hard, I wail? Also, why is it so expensive, I wail?
Duyvken said…
That should be 'talk about socks' but as typos go that's a pretty good one so I will leave it there. x
JustJulie said…
my dad died 24 years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest...
Anonymous said…
I prefer going barefoot, but if one MUST, Smartwool is the only option. We live where they are made, I can get sweet deals on them, so if you ever find yourself wanting a pair, let me know!
Charlie! (really, anyone with a passion fascinates me)
The sorrow of losing a parent must be a hard thing to bear. I've never experienced it, but it seems like those who do always carry it.