October 29, 2016

so much to tell, so much to show

I feel like I've been away for weeks.
I spent eight days in Germany and had a great trip (photos below) but when I returned home my mom was sick and needed to be hospitalized so I haven't really been home all this week either as I've gone from the office to the hospital every day. She's doing much better and is home now.

I went to Germany!


I flew on my favorite airline and my favorite plane and it was as good as economy flying can be. I cried my way through Finding Dory and A Hologram For The King (being on airplanes makes me cry, I think).


They give you hot towels before meals on Singapore Airlines and, having traveled pretty extensively in the past couple of years, I have to say that no matter how good you are about washing up in the dozens of public lavs you use, there is nothing better than starting with a steaming hot towel before you touch every single filthy airplane surface.
But this isn't a nice start to my travelogue...


After I checked in to my usual pink and crystal hotel room I made a quick dash to lay in provisions at the supermarket and, more importantly, at the DM.
I got snacks and wine and needed toothpaste.


Turns out, this isn't really toothpaste at all. In my defense I shall point out the DENT part of the name. You can see why I'd purchase this, can't you? It was near the toothbrushes....what was it? Denture glue. Did I try to brush my teeth with it? No. But I did have a hard time getting it off my toothbrush whilst deciding.


This was part of my inside-walk to work each day. The weather was bleak but I loved it anyway. Cold and damp.


One could always have some apfelwein at 9:00am to warm up.


So many great cars in my neighborhood. It was lovely walking among old houses and past children going to school.


You can use the radio tower as a landmark.

There was a great new restaurant down the block.


I ate there twice and hope it's there when I go back - they need more customers.

I discovered my new favorite cookie.


I had an extraordinary meal with my Extraordinary Meal Business Travel Companion.


And I finally had the sausage sandwich my boss has told me about for years.
It was delicious.


And I finally had some time to speak, however briefly, with my boss whose schedule doesn't permit many in-depth conversations...or inside jokes like this one.


And now, after a successful trip and my mom returned to her apartment, I need to do laundry and get my paperwork organized and rest a bit.
I've started to feel the effects of my vitamin shots but I'm still pretty tired having had zero down-time this week.

And the highlight of my week?  A very dear reader came and found me at work. It was Judith, from the comments, and I was so happy to walk away from work for a little while and sit and talk with her. She is a terrific photographer, a lovely person, a wonderful internet friend and she brought me a small bottle of rose facial oil that I am now completely addicted to. Also? My skin seems to love it.
It was a great pleasure to meet her.

I'm off!
I've so much to do!
Links tomorrow!


Paola said...

Pink and grey?
I am seriously worried about you.
Sounds busy but truly a lovely week.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Very glad to hear your mom is back homr - and you, too!

Anonymous said...

what a whirlwind! Best to your mom!
- and what is the facial oil called?

amid said...

now i came up anonymous..... google is weird. that's from amy a. above

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, what a trip! Everytime I read posts about that country I want to go.