Two years ago.
A hard time for us. But off I went to Germany - which I'll do again this year.

Four years ago.
A monster storm.

Six years ago.
Damn zombies.

Eight years ago.
I got a job.

Ten years ago.
We all seem so young.

Twelve years ago.
I started writing here.

This week I'm traveling to Chicago, I'm hoping for a final decision on where my company will relocate to, and I'll prepare for Germany.
K's had his stitches out and will see my physical therapist on his way to work.

All is well.


kmkat said…
I remember that how-much-wine-to-buy infographic. I loved it then and I love it now.
Anonymous said…
12 years! Just read through all of 10/2004....took me back! Your archives are the BEST

Happy anniversary!


Scot said…
12 Years! Have I been here for 12 years! Damn!
By The Way, I bought new Vans today - they weren't cheap! Still want to know where you got "cheap" Vans!
Paola said…
Your archives are like a tresure chest.
Scot said…
Do me a favor, send me an email. Once again, I've had to rebuild my hard drive and lost all my contacts! I really need a new computer...
Same to Paola, if she's reading this!
NorahS said…
The other day (probably while looking at something you posted on Instagram) I was trying to think back to when I found your blog. I decided it was just around the time you got the job. This post confirms it. haha So fun to look back.
Anonymous said…
That Halloween costume conversation made my night. Perfectly toned.
This was fun to look back on and marvel at how long I've "known" you.