new favorite

Via Angie, whilst we visit the huge annual church rummage sale (we're thinking of making a horror movie: THE RUMMAGING) and hit up the thrift shop.



marian said…
I love this!!!
Anonymous said…

Remind me to tell you about the best thing I ever found at a thrift shop.
Kamsarmer said…
I see Value Village! I see Goodwill! I LOVE the pink suit!
Anonymous said…
I find the art of rummaging fascinating. I'm terrible at it, but every now and then I experience some success that makes me think I might be good. But really, it takes more effort and time than I am willing to spend on being truly successful. Here's to YOUR success on the quest for awesome used goods!
Scot said…
If you like white boy rap try this. (I may have sent you this before, not sure!) DO NOT LOOK FOR THE UN-SENSORED VERSION - IT'S MORE OFFENSIVE THEN trump!

Mac Miller - Dang!

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