crazy busy

I'm busy.
I'm back from a great trip to Chicago (it's on Instagram) and leave for Germany on Sunday.
Everyone is well. K's finger is mending, Youngest loves his job (and his girl), Middle is busy, Oldest is going away for a few weeks to help a friend and, well, I have lots to do.

I never write about current events which is easier than tackling some of them.
There was a train crash (not my train line) a derailment (my train line, my doctor on board)(she has a torn rotator cuff) and there's an election. Oldest was in a bit of a sweat this morning arranging for an absentee ballot.

We're all afraid...but we know what to do.

Notes on this video.


Paola said…
Glad you're all well.
Anonymous said…
Nice to read such happy updates. Powerful ad. I have shut off a lot of the racket around here, online, on radio, on TV. No fear mongering in MY house. But one wonders how much further things can spiral before this ends.
kmkat said…
Had not seen that ad. I love it!