wonderful links

This is a great invention. K's wallet causes him pain with some frequency.

Did I mention I fell in love with Nolet's gin? Not the fancy expensive one, just the regular one.

Excellent facial hair.

I was just wondering about how the drinking game in Shanghai Noon worked.

I have mixed feelings but I was curious.

I love the occasional royal read. 

Most of us work every day now. We're going to need some help with this.

I want to try this.

No, I'm from New York. 

Courtesy of Middle. Fascinating.

Hella good.

This too!

Surprise! I love this not-black bag.

Have a great Sunday.


Paola said…
So many wonderful things. THe healthy juice article really got me. And I couldn't see the bag you like, it redirects me to the Italian website.
Unknown said…
I LOVE Shanghai Noon. It is the perfect not feeling well, spending the day on the couch movie.
Tickled to see a reference to it.
You Rock!
The Coffee Lady said…
God our WALLETS are killing us now?
Judith said…
Who'd have thought watching some guy exploring a 23k flight cabin could be so entertaining? Not me, but watched the whole thing. And was very amused when he kept his shades on in the shower.