links and an update

WE are going to the Cape tomorrow.
I am very excited. Sure, there's a tropical cyclone thing happening, but who cares?
We might have to wear sweatshirts.
Youngest has been away all weekend with his girlfriend.
Oldest has been away all weekend with his uncle.
K has had a very busy weekend with archery and beer brewing.
Middle and I spent a day hanging out together, laughing our asses off.
Today? I'm making a lasagna.

Here are some links!

As god is my witness, I'm painting my bedroom gray. (Actually, I'm not sure how much painting I am physically capable of.)

RIP Gene Wilder.

What goes in the fridge and what doesn't need to. I have fruit in there now!

Amy Schumer. Nice work.

It's the Thai rocket festival!

Really stupid title, decent list.

Oooh, Garrison Keillor.

Part of my afternoon with Middle was spent watching this.

Beautiful explosions.

I am DOING THIS. (It's not unusual.)

Finally, our pal Scot sends us this. I love it...but mostly I love that our friend Scot is back with us because I've missed him terribly.


Paola said…
Loved Keillor's article.
Hi Scot! (I wasn't allowed to watch whatever he shared but HI SCOT!)
Anonymous said…
I read that article earlier this week and was surprised to discover Garrison's name on the byline. Wow!

Grey is a good color to paint on a wall. I never would've guessed, but we did T's room in "crushed stone" and I really love it.

We leave butter on our counter, eat tomato sandwiches often in the summer and I felt ridiculously pleased at how many of those 50 things I actually do. But never ever giving up coffee unless I'm under doctor's orders.

Hope the beach is a blast, even if it's windy. You love it there so much, you'll probably enjoy it no matter what the weather.
Duyvken said…
I look forward to pics of your room post-painting. Ours is dark blue and I love it. I love hearing about your fun with Middle. xx