September 8, 2016

an update from Cape Cod

I'm sitting with a hard pear cider.
K is across the room working.
We'll go up to Mac's for dinner tonight.
We've already had clam rolls and pasta with lobster and tomato sandwiches.
The house is cozy, the bed is a dream and I bought a tube to sit in in the bay.
It's pretty swell.

in a tube

K's lobster pasta dish.


Cheese dinner after a big lunch.


Site of the aforementioned big lunch.


Got some pie.


Enjoying the hell out of tomato sandwiches.




PS: this is the first time in 20 years that no one is going to school this week.


Paola said...

It's gorgeous up there.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow. To think of no one doing to school.

You are eating and drinking exactly what I imagine you should be, but the tube is a complete bonus!=. That water is so calm and it looks like it's shallow quite a ways out, yes? How lovely! Thanks for posting this, it had to be hard to pull away from vacation to write about it!

Duyvken said...


Anonymous said...

No first day of school! Crazy to think about.

Your vacation looks and sounds divine. K's pasta. That tomato sandwich! It's also my very favorite.