things I want to see/don't want to see at the Olympics

I want to see gymnastics. I love watching gymnastics.
I don't want to see the French gymnast shatter his leg on the vault.

Cycling! Such excitement.
Crashing! Such anxiety.

Katie Ledecky. A brilliant swimmer.
But where are her eyebrows?

Synchronized swimming! I adore it.
Did you know someone ripped me a new one in the comments when I wrote about synchronized swimming during the last Olympics?

Imaginative commercials, I want to see them.
The SAME four commercials for two weeks. Not so much.

ARCHERY. I'm in love with the women's archery teams from Mexico and Korea.
Wouldn't it be nice if they were on during primetime?

Michael Phelps. An amazing athlete.
Big round cupping splotches. Not so much.

I like to fantasize...what sport would I compete in? (I am the polar opposite of athletic.)
Perhaps dressage!


Paola said…
I am not a sports person, sorry, I can't even watch it.
Am I bad?
Anonymous said…
Watching them every night. The gymnasts fascinate me, but I would be a back-stroke swimmer given the choice. Am also sick of the commercials repeating.
Those synchronized dives and swims are incredible. I still don't know how the swimmers keep limbs above water so effortlessly. I try all the time in our pool but never manage it.
So instead I swim laps and laps.
I don't recall ever seeing cup marks before this year. Weird. Is it trendy, do you think?
Crazy Mom! said…
I want to see the equestrian events - once upon a time I rode and jumped. Want to see diving, love gymnastics. And I adore Katie Ledecky!

Did you read the article about the Eatons, the married couple competing for different countries?