August 14, 2016


I'll tell you what we're doing this weekend, or I am anyway...hiding from the heat.
We are:


watching the Olympics (my god there's a lot of swimming).


Learning a new way to make hard cooked/soft boiled eggs.


Dining off beautiful placemats the boss brought from Italy.

Thrilling, I know.
But I did go on a field trip to Fire Island on Friday, which was pretty swell.
You can drink anytime, AT ANY TIME on Fire Island.
So, when I was handed a blue cocktail at 11:35am who was I to argue?


The blue, it was explained to me, is VODKA.
Blue vodka.
Who knew?
Also, please to note: my hostess is all about the presentation.
Look at that straw.
Note the flowers.
AND she had ice. She's living on a boat and has ice.
There was plenty of great food too - fear not. Burgers and salads and snacks.
But she stole my heart when she baked up some pretzels late in the afternoon.


Fire Island. You really can't beat it. There was a heat index (no, I don't know what that means) of 110 on the mainland but it was in the high 80's on Fire Island so, you know, it felt comfortable. Of course it helps that the ocean is two blocks behind you and you're sitting on the bay.


Here's a waze map for reference.

I drove back at about 7:30. It was well into the 90's.
K agreed it was time to air condition our downstairs and it's made a tremendous difference.



sara said...

Was the blue vodka...good?
I'm not a huge A/C fan but this summer, at times, it's been thoroughly enjoyed.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

THE AC downstairs gave up the ghost years ago. It was a behemoth that sounded like a jet engine. Last month I took matters into my own hands and bought two small ones- LR and DR. As the oldest said, "Who are you people and what did you do with my parents". Divine!

Paola said...

I am in AWE of your friend baking pretzels on a boat.

blackbird said...

The blue vodka tasted exactly like the blue Kool Pops of my youth!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That cocktail is the epitome of showmanship. Dang. Looks like a swell place to spend a day appreciating life's finer things.
Plus Olympics.