it's Monday, here are some links

Do you want to shoot fire from your hand? Now you can.

Some interesting information about Casey Neistat.

Now I'm intrigued by the Lampe Berger.

Let's relax.

Things you should make, not buy...I have to say that I disagree with several!

I'm in love with this house.

They are action figures not dolls.

This has been up for a while but it's so good I had to include it.

This too.

This guy's good with toast.

100 calories. I'll take the radishes.

Is it cool where you live? We're melting.


Anonymous said…
My oldest has wanted the fireball shooter for MONTHS. He loves that kind of stuff.
Clever clean-up tactic.
That toast--the clever people impress me.
And those action figures! I shared that site with some history teachers I know, they will appreciate.
As for "DIY" foods...last week I went to eat at a place that served homemade S'mores, with homemade graham crackers and marshmallows. Overrated, but I was glad to try it. The Bourbon-laced caramel drizzle really made the S'mores impressive, not the scratch crackers.
Paola said…
Those toasts!
Who ever eats 100 calories?! I can hardly stay within 1000 ... more 1500 if not 2000
Kamsarmer said…
I clicked on the Lampe Berger thinking it was a chi-chi hamburger of some sort...