August 17th

Ooooh, look!
Here's Oldest in his grandfather's army jacket and a furry hat having something nice and warm....


And here he is with his brothers, to whom he is devoted to about 200 percent.


And here he is (same jacket) on his granddad's farm, with his cousins.


What can I say about Oldest?
Fiercely loyal, honest, dependable.
Fiercely everything, really.
You want Oldest on your side. He'll never let you down.

And today is his birthday -

we wish him every good thing.


Susie Sunshine said…
Happy, Happy Birthday!!
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy Birthday to you......

Always do your best, that way you can always feel good about what you do.
Angela said…
Nothing but the happiest to Oldest!
Happy Birthday, Oldest!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to him!
Anonymous said…
Same birthday as my nephew. Cheers (a few days later) to Oldest!