there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms today

We woke to the sound of a transformer buzzing outside our house this week.
I think our neighborhood is slowly depleting all of the electricity as we sit in our refrigerated homes.
It was a busy week which included a monsoon which stranded Youngest and I in town for just over three hours. Trees were down on the rail line we ride and the station flooded and they shut down the whole shebang. We spent time in a favorite cafe of his, then moved to a bookstore he loves, and finally ended up in the bar which he and Middle have kept secret. It's a great spot, close to the station with friendly staff and clean bathrooms. They don't want anyone else to find out about it. But Youngest relented and we waited out the storm, wet and cold and tired. It was nearly 11:00pm when we finally got home.

We had looked at toys -



Don't you think a Mickey Mouse chainsaw is kind of strange?

We had gelato and tea. Beer.
We waded through massive crowds and huge puddles.
We talked about our jobs and the people we work with.

It was the longest evening - he was great company.


Kamsarmer said…
I find it so refreshing to find other people who enjoy their offspring as much as I enjoy mine. Glad you made it through the rainy evening, and hey, CORPSE FLOWER!!!
Paola said…
I adore the fact that they were hiding the secret bar from you. And then he gave up. I hope to have a resemblance of the relationship you have with your sons.
Anonymous said…
Oh, places like that are the best--a secret bar!
I hope I end up like you with your sons, I think I will.
If it makes you feel any better, we've never turned on the A/C here, so you can use our quota of electricity. We've also mostly given up on TV, too (long story). It's so much hotter in the city than out here, so you have our blessing to use all the electrical relief you can find.
kmkat said…
It is such fun to spend unexpected, enforced time with our adult-ish offspring. That was the only bright spot when my husband was in the ICU a couple years ago (except for, of course, when he was able to come home).