I've made some changes here.
Let me know if they work for you (I realize they may not work for some people's computers...does that even make sense?)

In better news:

Youngest had an amazing first week of work. I know it shouldn't surprise me but, on some level, it does. He's jumped right in and, if I understood what he does for a living, I'd tell you all about it. He's been well-received by his coworkers and loves being there.

I am nearly done with PT. We're saving visits in case I need them at some point and I'll do exercises forever, I guess. I would surmise that I have 90% of normal flexibility in my wrist, my fingers look pretty normal and I have most of my strength back. My thumb is still a little mis-aligned and numb, the tip of my middle finger is numb and about one third of my palm is numb. I'm okay with all of this, by the way. It's my new normal.

While his beer is brewing K is working...not every day, not all the time, but we are grateful.

I want to make these.

This is bananas.

Please explain why I need these. I'm pretty sure we do but I don't understand why.

Our dream house.

I'm going to learn Japanese.

Wonderful reading.

I like him more every time I read about him.

Babies are totally underrated helpers.

I've got plenty of ribbon.

This week, Maple gave me 15 invitations to give people for free lunch. I'm the office sweetheart. I luff Maple.


NorahS said…
Wow! That is really different! Works for me. Can't wait to hear how those cookies turn out! Yay for youngest! And for having work.
kmkat said…
You need Plume because there is that one spot in the garage/yard/bathroom/basement where your wifi is weak. (You are welcome.)

Re: Maple. I have to wonder how stressful it must be to work in their kitchen.
marian said…
I like it. It's cheery! We need cheery right now!
Unknown said…
The house is beautiful, but I look at the pond and think: West Nile.

I'll make you the cookies.
Paola said…
That baby! While reading Maple delivery and production standards I started panicking. That Plume thing, on the other hand, sounds fantastic for my house where the signal gets dispersed.
Anonymous said…
Your new page is nice. That house--it's the windows with that incredibly intimate view that make it so sublime. I may park it in front of that cute baby for a while today. We need a little sweetness lately.
We are a lucky nation to have the president we do. History books will have pages about his awesomeness.
Congrats on your son's transition into his career from school.